High CPU usage while watching video

  • Hi I noticed a problem with Vivaldi - when I'm watchin youtube videos (using HTML5 or adobe flash) my CPU usage is getting over 50% - I recently blocked HTML5 with some extension, it looks to be better with flash (html5 was even using 90+%) When I play same video in IE I cant even notice anz CPU load so thats why I think its a Vivaldi issue. Is anyone here having the same problem? P.S. Right now I have 4 Tabs - FB, 2 forums and youtube video and it needs 1.1GB or RAM - is this normal?

  • I'm not having any problems, but this is a pretty commonly reported issue with Flash player and with Chromium based browsers - like Vivaldi. Some possible causes that come to mind are:

    1. Your version of Flash player might be out of date.
    2. Hardware acceleration is enabled. *
    3. Your drivers might be out of date.
    4. Your hardware might be old.
    • If hardware acceleration is already disabled, try turning it on and seeing if that helps.

  • Newest flash, drivers too, hardware acceleration is enabled, but disabling it won't help, my hardware is couple of years old acer aspire 5830TG, but since I'm having this issue only with Vivaldi, as I stated in previous post, it's not the problem here.

    In other browsers (IE, new and old opera) I don't notice any CPU problem at all - I can barely notice any CPU usage - and those browsers use same flash… so I looks like Vivaldi problem to me.

  • Yeah, like I mentioned, Chromium based browsers tend to have terrible performance for some people. It's something that Vivaldi won't be easily able to overcome, and it will keep a lot of people on other browsers. IE uses the Trident engine, and older versions of Opera used Presto. Those engines operate smoothly on basically any system because their development was started when old hardware was modern hardware. I'm personally still of the firm belief that Presto was one of the greatest rendering engines ever, and I'm extremely disappointed that Opera Software killed it in favour of WebKit back in 2013. But I'm going to stop ranting about this before I completely derail your topic, sorry.

    It's also entirely possible that there's something going on in your system that I haven't thought of asking you to check. Someone else might come by and be more helpful.

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