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  • The community side of things for Vivaldi seem to be plagued with a bunch of spam account and just pure garbage. I think as a "community" we need to come up with a moderation team so that we can filter out the spambots and junk. Even on the easysocial side of things there is a bunch of spam. How do we get a better grip on this? Better validation on accounts might help with that. I think it's great to come together as a community, but when there is a high volume of spam and junk it really just makes me want to not participate in things. Thanks in advance everyone!

  • I'm usually only on the forums, keep on sort of forgetting to visit the main community page. That, and, I really kind of hate social networking in general. But, yeah, this has come up before. I'm under the impression that the Vivaldi dev team also acts as the forum staff, but that they're so busy with the browser that they don't really have the time to actively police the forums - so they rely on users to report spam and such. I could be wrong here, because I haven't been around since the beginning, just slightly after. All I can do is make assumptions based on what I've read in other threads on the topic.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks for starting discussions on this.
    We recognize the challenge on maintaining an engaging community for Vivaldi users that is spam free.

    As mentioned, we rely on our community members to report spams and our moderators try to remove them as soon as reported. Sometimes, we get huge surge in spam content on our site which temporarily make our members exposed to spams for extend period of time :(

    We are working on new solution to minimize this situation but for the meantime, please continue to help us reporting spammers as soon as you see them!

    Thanks again for your help to make as a safe and engaging community for all of us :)

  • I did my registration months ago so I don't remember the details about it.

    But surely on other forums I'm registered or where I was part of the team, a good blacklist of the disposable email addresses helped a lot.

    On very well known forums the manual validation was surely a further and effective way to have just real users, but clearly that required that the moderators were enough to do the (boring) task.

  • The Nike, Packers and Movers, Turkish Merchandise BLOGs are advertisements. SO GIVE THEM THEiR OWN PAGE. If removing their BLOGs is too difficult for Vivaldi to handle THEN MOVE THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE. KEEP THE USERS BLOG CLEAN OF SPAM. Ask users if they feel a certain blog is SPAM. If enough users say yes, "IT IS SPAM" then move the post instead of removing the post.

    User AVATARS & COVERS need their own page. DO NOT CROWD THE COMMUNITY PAGE WITH MULTIPLE COPIES OF AVATARS & COVERS. Some other users may like to peruse such content, so let them find such on a separate page.

    In both of the above issues, spamming BURIES relevant blogs and comments deeper into the heart of Vivaldi and makes it more difficult to read important comments.

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

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