Can not start independant profiles by desktop shortcuts

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    I needed many separate profiles for one Vivaldi Standalone installation and thought "ok, use some desktop shortcuts with commandline parameter for profile".

    Created three desktop shortcuts with names AAA, BBB and CCC.
    Added in Property of shortcut the parameter --profile-directory="NAME" whereas NAME is the name if each shortcut.
    I started all three one after an other, skipped settings in welcome page and closed all Vivaldi.

    I tested starting all new shortcuts, opened in each started Vivaldi the page vivaldi://about and check how Vivaldi was called with commandline.
    I was shocked as not all desktop shortcuts startet with the correct profile name.

    Can you reproduce that weird issue with Stable and Snapshot?

    I reported that as bug VB-58277 "Start with different profiles --profile-directory broken" for internal investigation.

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    @Gwen-Dragon I confirmed the bug on the tracker.

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    @LonM Thanks 🙂

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