Add as search engine via context menu- bug?

  • Hi, I am currently running Vivaldi on my Win7/64 machine. Since this version I cannot add any more search engines via context menu. Since it already worked before I ask myself, is that due to a bug or just my stupidity? I perform following steps: - Open web page with search. - RMB on search field - Click on 'Add as search engine' (I am using the german language pack and not sure what it is called in english) Current Result: Nothing happens. Expected Result: A configuration dialog opens. Best regards dp

  • On Mint 17.1 (Cinnamon desktop) I tried it with and which both were removed from the list of search engines in advance. I see the same. The context menu opens (yes, it reads 'Add as search engine …') and after choosing Add as search engine ... nothing happens anymore.

    Forgot to mention my Vivaldi version: it's (Developer Build) dev (64-bit).

  • Identical setup as RJules3 over here, and can confirm same behaviour.

    This is another thing someone reported as being broken in Vivaldi that I didn't even know the browser could do. Thanks for reporting it, because when this is fixed, I will love this feature.

    Edit: My mistake, I'm actually on Linux Mint 17.2

  • Thank you for the feedback.

    Then I'll report it as bug.

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