Can't open anything in…

  • Can't open anything in "vivaldi://vivaldi-urls" I was able to do so in the last snapshot. But not with this one. I can still open by type in the addressed bar. xdg-open is being spam like crazy too. Making it used up all my ram in short time. http://imgur.com/SBMn2yV

  • On Mint 17.1 (Cinnamon desktop) I see the same. Clicking one of the urls opens the window:


    To open the url I do a right click and open it in a new tab. It doesn't open but the address is now written in the url bar of the new tab and I can simply push 'enter' to open it. I never used xdg-open. At least this is a way to get around typing the url yourself.

  • I'm seeing this too. Here's some information about xdg-open if anyone's curious.

  • Curiosity is the main reason to leaf through this forum. 🙂
    Opening an application I expect my desktop environment to handle that and a link is the job of the browser. I won't install an extra program to achieve these tasks. The way to open the vivaldi-urls isn't too complicated to do it without help from xdg-open. Yes, I searched for this name before but nevertheless Thank You for the link which Vivaldi opens like a hot knife cutting through butter. 😉

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