Streamlined address bar suggestion

  • See, I thought Vivaldi had awesome flat design, but something in the colored tabs bothered me. That is, the search and URL bars. They were the color of my theme (grey), and I thought they sort of "broke" consistency in design. Luckily, Vivaldi is I believe a Node.js-based browser, and has its CSS file stored in the installation folder. So I thought I'd tweak it a little bit myself. Here's what I did: [img][/img] The address and Google bars were set to transparent and white font. I also put transparency on the white rounded background on the bookmarks bar favicons, and darkened the white background on the tab favicons. Remained yet another "problem": the loading bar. The loading bar appears whenever you load a page, and stays there once it's loaded, unless you change tab and go back to that tab. At first, it was a darker shade of the transparent bar, but I thought it looked like a shadow, which I didn't like. I reduced the opacity so that it was discrete while remaining its functionality. [img][/img] Of course, there are as many tastes out there as people, and some will dislike it, but my point is, what about adding the possibility to have that setting in the application? After all, colored tabs are toggleable as well. There was another thing I saw a while ago on deviantArt, that I feel would also be a cool feature. It's [url=]this[/url]. I would do it myself, if I knew how to modify the JS of the browser (I don't know JS at all) but I can't. As for the Search bar, well just push it to the right, and you have an even simpler browser design. I think making people able to chose more designs would not only appeal to the former Opera 12 users, but also to those who look into a simpler browsing experience.


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