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  • What's your preferred linux distro or flavour ... and why? (sorry, i should have asked in linux section. me bad)

  • Ubuntu 12.04. Why? Well, to begin with, I switched from Windows to Linux in 2008 with Ubuntu 8.04. Never looked back. Sometimes around 2010 I tried Linux Mint. Liked it, but came back to Ubuntu with 12.04.
    I like the Unity desktop and the overall responsiveness and stability of the OS.

  • Same here. I have tried most linux distros out there but found myself back on ubuntu. I like fedora too but little things like the fonts in it is a turn off for me (I am not a command line guy so).

  • I use Mageia currently.

    I got involved with (then) Mandrake in 2000 with version 7.0 - I was involved with a cross-platform software project at the time, and so wanted a version of Linux to be able to check the other side of the project out. Mandrake and (then) Red Hat were the only two versions available in local stores. (We didn't have broadband back then, downloading a distro over dial-up was not practical.) I have tried a number of other versions - a few years later there was a magazine that included a different disk with every issue, if it looked interesting I'd buy the magazine and try it. Other than a few years when my old hardware was not compatible with the latest version I've stuck with Mandrake/Mandriva (and those few years I used OpenSUSE). After the fork a couple of years ago, I tried both the new Mandriva and the forked version Mageia, and went with Mageia.

  • ubuntu … is it the software center? (newer users might find it easier than the synaptics package manager). that the wifi and drivers seem to work without fiddling with them? (i hear that sometimes). or perhaps just the installer? (it really works well).

    yes, mint is truly impressive. going from windows to mint is truly a breeze.

    i've been using xubuntu on my old, old, very old laptop. it took garbage ready hardware and made it functional again. you gotta love linux.

  • There was a cheap but good laptop available a year ago with Ubuntu 12.04 preinstalled that I bought. Until then I had been using mostly Windows, familiar with Linux a bit from over a decade ago. Some of the programs I use for work require Windows, but I have been constantly looking for ways to get rid of Windows (most crucially because of the disaster called Vista), and a year ago I finally did it.

    Ubuntu looked nice enough for a start (no wonder, since it came preinstalled, well fine-tuned for the laptop I bought), but as I experimented with many other distros intensely over a year, I found much better desktop environments than Unity. The best desktop environments in my opinion are Xfce and Cinnamon. My current favourite distro is Manjaro. For newcomers to Linux I recommend Mint Cinnamon or Xfce rather than any Ubuntu.

  • Wish You Best of luck with Otter, New Opera stinks badly. Looking at opera 12.6 vs 20.00 +, the old used less resources and has a smaller foot print.

  • manjaro has come up a couple time now. i've never tried it. what do you guys like about it?

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Using PCLinux LXDE/XFCE on my aging (10 years old) desktop and OpenSuse 12.3 on a more current laptop.

  • i use Xubuntu after have used linux Mint but i must have a look to try the Linux Mint Debian

  • @biggerabalone:

    manjaro has come up a couple time now. i've never tried it. what do you guys like about it?

    Manjaro makes under-the-hood configuration easy. Meaning, it requires tweaking, but also provides enough documentation (wiki and forums) to enable anyone to do it too. At the same time, it's not a geeky isolate where you have to recompile programs yourself, but comes with everything available in the repos.

    Briefly, if you have deeper interest in Linux, Manjaro is the way to begin digging there.

  • My using is not the most extensive but on the Linux side I was all about Ubuntu back in the day however more recently in the last year or so I have grown a liking to Linux Mint ( I mainly use the 64bit MATE version but it depends on your graphical and functional taste. I hear PuppyLinux is another good one to check out.

  • ya, i've used puppy linux and like it too. mac pup is also fun to play with. i like to use them to get my old scanner working when i need it.

  • For the time being it's Mint 17. Beforehand I was using Ubuntu but since the upgrade from 14 to 15 that system isn't very stable on my hardware anymore. With the next upgrade I would return to Ubuntu, if it regained the former stability. By the way I think it much more easy to talk about the reasons why I don't like a distribution but that is too far out of topic here. :)

  • ersi wrote:

    Briefly, if you have deeper interest in Linux, Manjaro is the way to begin digging there.

    Seriously? My experience with Manjaro was so unpleasant, I removed it from my system again. First it was a real struggle to get it running at all and then I got a white screen after a simple update. My assessment : Manjaro is a viable way to drive people away from Linux.

  • hmm. anyone else notice how win 10 seems to copy a lot from linux? could their development team simply have borrowed the available code to quick pace their win 10 ambitions? perhaps win 10 should be referred to as a new disto :S in the very least, they did borrow many ideas …

  • I have installed Xubuntu on a old laptop for my brother in-law; it picked up the wireless network without a hitch. I have even replaced Win2K on a old PC w/ PuppyLinux & it ran without even a whimper ;)

    I will be making the leap to Linux this year full time & leave the windows world behind. My main contender is Linux Mint since it is more Windows 7 like. eOS (Elementary OS) looks very impressive as well. Ubuntu is ok, but I hear it can be a little poky at times.

    My biggest challenge is converting Corel formats to InkScape, GIMP, Krita formats. DTP is another challenge with Scribus, which reminds me of something from the early 2k. It's perfectly functional to me, everything is now exported to a Pre-Press PDF; so it might not matter so much what you use? Just another reason to wave goodbye to adobe's storm clouds.

    Just Say No to Windows 10 Big Brother Spyware!

  • Linux Mint x64 17.3 KDE on my Lappy's SSD, & my Tower's SSD, via this evolutionary pathway & . Though i imagine this will possibly appal the Linux traditionalists, because i've only swum in the Linux universe for ~2.5 years, but was a dedicated Windows user since ~1990, i've been spoilt by being used to bells & whistles in my OS GUI… which i think is why i fell in love with the KDE DE once i first encountered it [though comparing it to Windows seems unfair to KDE].

    I also have multiple VB VM's setup on my Tower's 2 TB HDD, & occasionally play with these other distros therein… but i always feel much more fulfilled back in my main Mint KDE OS on the SSD: Linux Mint x64 17.3 “Rosa” Cinnamon, elementary OS Freya, Linux Lite x64, Linux Mint x64 17.3 “Rosa” Mate`, Fedora x64, Chapeau 23 x64.

    Still on my future VM To Do List [also just to learn about & muck about with] are: Apricity OS, Bodhi Linux, Gentoo Linux, Kali Linux, Manjaro Linux (i tried an older version a couple of years ago & found it stressful], openSUSE, Peppermint, Qubes OS, VectorLinux, & Voyager.

    So far i really hate the GNOME3 interface [it obstructs rather than enhances my workflows], find GNOME2 boring [sorry!], find Cinnamon unintuitive & obstructive. The one alternative distro that absolutely surprised me, given i'd expected so little of it, is Linux Lite – wowee it packs a lot into a small footprint; amazing.

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