Launch with panel open?

  • Folks, Brand new here, first post. Very, very, very long-term Opera user, though, until it self-destructed. Moved to Firefox. Vivaldi needs a whole lot of promotion -- I just stumbled onto it via a link in a rather obscure little web site; otherwise, I had no idea on Earth that Vivaldi was happening. Glad I found it, though. There's really one thing that I want, which I utterly can't figure out if it actually exists: I always (always, always, always always) want to have the Bookmarks panel open each time I launch Vivaldi, but I sure can't find such an option. If it's possible to do that, I'd sure love to hear about how to make it happen! Thanks, and keep up the truly EXCELLENT work thoots

  • Welcome to Vivaldi - The Great Successor to Opera.

    I just reloaded with the Download Panel open and then with the Bookmark Panel. I am using the latest snapshot - Vivaldi x32 on Windows 7 x64.

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