Snapshot - Typed history dropdown, more polish on Web-panels and Extensions… and smooth

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    [quote=ruario] We decided to give you this extra build for the weekend because we quickly fixed some of most annoying bugs that prevented a few of you from wanting to upgrade (issues with extensions failing to run and tab problems in vertical layout and Quick Commands). However, we also had time to throw in a nifty new feature and polish things up a bit![/quote] [quote]EDIT: The problem with the rate at which we add features, is that it can be hard to keep track of them all![/quote] [i][b]Changelog VB-8513 Enable smooth scrolling by default VB-8433 Settings usability issues: New icons (further work to come) VB-1214 Missing typed history: work in progress VB-8548 'Add Web Panel' callout does not go away when clicking on webpage VB-8544 Web panels lack navigation buttons VB-8507 Some favicons are not dislayed in web panel buttons VB-8372 Extension callout does not go away when clicking on webpage VB-8519 Welcome page is duplicated VB-7434 Tabs API startup issues: Re-do startup sequence, make tabs extension api work VB-8318 Context menu click does not start background script if bg is inactive VB-8307 Regression: CPU usage while idle: sound SVG optimization VB-8498 [Windows] Conflict between Chromium Browser and Vivaldi browser VB-8503 When using same URL in url field it doesn't clear selection VB-8497 Quick Commands no longer lists all open tabs VB-8436 Blur window shouldn't blur ui: partial fix VB-8075 Vertical tab bar width is inconsistent VB-88 Web panels missing: further small style fixes VB-8343 Extension's popup is cut off if address-bar on bottom Last modified on Friday, 21 August 2015 09:57[/b]

  • Atualizado!! B)

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    alguns dos meus marcadores, incluindo speed dial, estão desaparecendo, sem que eu possa encontrar um meio de reproduzir o erro.

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    caso o problema com outra pessoa, achei a solução aqui.

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