Snapshot is out!!

  • Just created an account to say this: Please, PLEASE, when you add a feature, add an option to disable it!! I mean, the option seems to be there (–disable-smooth-scrolling) why not add it to the settings dialog? Or have I just missed it?

    And here's a bug:
    Open any website.
    Klick any link on that website (which is not a pop up).
    Let the page load.
    Klick with your left mouse button in the address bar, hold it, don't let go.
    Move your mouse, while still holding the left button, over the back button in the tool bar.
    Let the left mouse button go.
    Result: The back button gets activated and you'll go to the previous page.
    Expected result: The back button won't get activated.
    I believe this also works with the forward, rewind and fast forward buttons.

    But hey, switching tabs seem to be faster. Good job!


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