Vivaldi 2.8 RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1664.30

  • @QuHno

    the down arrow is not part of the folder name and therefore will not get truncated.

  • I apologize if I am reporting longstanding issues. The 'out of memory' report has been since you bumped Chromium. The underlying Chromium engine seems to be having issues. The browser gives the impression of running fine, even with all these errors logged at the Linux command prompt (Gentoo, updated daily), or the traps reported in dmesg:

    user: (vivaldi)

    [8445:8445:0917/] Failed to locate and load the component updated flash plugin.
    [8479:8479:0917/] Out of memory.
    [8497:8497:0917/] Out of memory.
    [8534:8534:0917/] Out of memory.
    [1:6:0917/] ContextResult::kTransientFailure: Failed to send GpuChannelMsg_CreateCommandBuffer.
    [8445:8445:0917/182806.686526:ERROR:CONSOLE(0)] "Unchecked runtime.lastError: The message port closed before a response was received.", source: chrome-extension://mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli/browser.html (0)


    google-chrome-unstable Configured tracing, #sources:3, duration:0 ms, #buffers:1, total buffer size:25600 KB, total sessions:1
    [8680:8680:0917/] Out of memory.
    --2019-09-17 18:32:28--
    Resolving, 2607:f8b0:4004:814::200e
    Connecting to||:443... [8705:8705:0917/] Out of memory.
    [8707:8707:0917/] Out of memory.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... [8711:1:0917/] FontService unique font name matching request did not receive a response.
    [8711:1:0917/] FontService unique font name matching request did not receive a response.
    200 OK
    Length: unspecified [text/plain]
    Saving to: ‘/dev/fd/4’

    Crash dump id: 4b330ddc8cbd1682
    --2019-09-17 18:32:29--
    Resolving, 2607:f8b0:4004:814::200e
    Connecting to||:443... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
    Length: unspecified [text/plain]
    Saving to: ‘/dev/fd/4’

    Crash dump id: 2ae1d532a0b08626

    [66067.964183] traps: chrome[16015] trap invalid opcode ip:55a4a5c635c7 sp:7ffc24d675e0 error:0 in chrome[55a4a3370000+6fff000]
    [91348.323609] traps: vivaldi-bin[8072] trap int3 ip:557bfc07e0d5 sp:7ffc90645430 error:0 in vivaldi-bin[557bf9ada000+7016000]

  • @mattsolo45:
    Yeah, I really hope they take they time to fix the delay opening a Speed Dial. It's not a show-stopper in the sense that it crashes or anything. But it really gives a poor impression of the browser. Especially since Speed Dial is kind of a key feature of Vivaldi.

    This only seems to happen on opening a page using left-click (open in same tab). Opening a tab in the background (middle-click) works fine.

  • @SteveKong I did yesterday, it has been given VB-57568 🙂

  • @Pathduck Well all I can say is that I have no proprietary video codecs installed, I simply use PotPlayer portable install for all my video needs and all its codecs are self-contained so it can't be the codecs fault ::)

  • @potmeklecbohdan: i have this too. First pinned tab lost on update.

  • Moderator

    @ruario Please check Flash Player loading bug VB-56840

    I saw users with Chrome running on their Linux and/or having installed adobe-flashplugin package, both caused fail for loading Flash content.

  • @mattsolo45: Thanks for the heads up. It was bugging me in the previous snapshot, so I reverted to 2.8.1664.25 and I guess I'll be staying with it for a while.

  • @TsunamiZ It is indeed added as part of the folder name for the HTML code (part of the same <span> tag), so, if displayed at the end, it will be truncated.

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