Stabilizing for 2.8 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1664.25

  • Vivaldi Team

    With 2.8 due shortly, the next snapshots will continue to be about polishing.

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  • Nice 🙂 Looks like everything is right on track for next week's launch 🤞 👌

  • what? already? o_O

  • That was fast 🤓

    But - while you're working on address bar I'd wish you'd add support for deleting typed entries with the keyboard, for instance Shift+Del... the same goes for keyboard nav in the search field.

  • @pathduck: I upvote this!

  • Thank you!

    I miss the middle click behaivor that Opera have in the bookmarks bar for folders. You can open a lot of tabs middle clicking in it without the need of re-open the folder again.

    Hope you can consider it.

  • Regression in Recent Builds: When editing mouse gestures error message says "This gesture already exists," when it is not in use.

    Mute shortcuts also fail.

  • Vivaldi Translator

  • @Cqoicebordel I wish Vivaldi could release a STABLE release when it actually is, and not release a bug/regression ridden "stable" because they have to follow someone else' schedule.

  • @Pesala Also adding to Pesala's list of regressions the one with the missing "Untile selection" entry in the tab context menu. (Muting shortcuts and untiling are very important for me, I'm sure they will be fixed in 2 weeks time.)

  • @ian-coog: What are the major showstoppers in your opinion?

  • Moderator

    @iAN-CooG For me the freeze/other broken things in Developer Tools is a show stopper. I am working on web development, this bugs force me to use Chrome 😞

  • @pathduck: That used to be a thing. Not sure when along the way we "lost" this functionality.

  • (VB-54428) Settings, Privacy, Save Browsing History, Session Only Does not Clear Browsing History
    (Reported on 14/6/2019)

    This is a privacy issue.

  • Requesting revert of opening a new vivaldi window when clicking a link on a different virtual desktop.

    It's making me (more) crazy.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @gwen-dragon: That is being looked at but it is non-trivial to fix (in part because of how dev tools work in terms of things like docking being different than Chromium on our side). The difficulty in fixing, is the primary reason it has not been fixed thus far. It has little to do with Chromium at this stage and it is completely out of sync with the stable release cycle.

    In addition (as I am sure you are aware), that is not a regression for this planned stable release. It therefore cannot be consider a show stopper to releasing a stable update in the mean time. Issues like this can be considered a show stopper for a final before a final goes out with such a regression. If such an issue is known before hand, sometimes we might be that we choose to release anyway because of issues such as the Chromium release cycle or something else more critical. Or the bug might have been missed, or its importance misunderstood and a final could go out with it by mistake.

    Either way, once we have put out a stable with a regression like that updates should just keep coming irrespective of a fix for such an issue, because things are not worse than the last stable. That is not to say that it diminishes the importance of the bug.

    Holding a further stable once regression has already happened benefits nobody. Those of you waiting clearly aren't missing a fix that has yet to happen, and those that do not use this functionality, can still benefit from all the other fixes.

    Finally, I should add that when your issue is fixed, we could choose to cherry pick to stable, entirely independently of Chromium's release cycle, i.e. in a minor update if needs be. So yes, this is an important issue for users such as yourself but it is not a show stopper for this particularly final update and wouldn't be even if we did not use Chromium.

  • Moderator

    @ruario I agree, its is not a regression of 2.7 as it did not work in previous stables, too.
    For me it is a showstopper. But that is my personal and private disappointed view these days.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @ian-coog: I agree. Being dependent on Google is a big pain. But here, they have no choice : each Chromium release include a bunch of security fixes. Once the fixed Chr is released, most of those issues are public, and thus, usable for hackers. So they have to follow that schedule as close as possible (I simplified a lot here, but you get my point)

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @nsane: I think it's dependent on your OS, not on V. On Kubuntu, I have the same behavior for the most of the apps.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @gwen-dragon: I still think your terminology is off. I would say that for you it is a major issue. It is not a show stopper for a update to final, even for you because you do not benefit from a stable being held back in the mean time.

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