Which Theme do you use?

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  • Dark + color (although I like more the lighter gray of the dark w/o color)

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    Dark + no theme color.

    Some site uses too bright a color for my sensible eyes ;)

  • Light UI with modified panel switcher because I don't like that black-ish bar at the side. Mine is now light with dark icons.

  • Dark UI with no theme color and custom.css.

  • Light UI, no theme color, native window, and custom.css that makes my page loading progress bar easier to see.

  • Dark UI for one reason, my eyes do hurt very fast with a bright UI. So, grey or black UI color is for me the only possible way to go ;)

  • Light UI (just too used to other browsers, I usually go for dark themes in other software)
    No native window
    Theme colour (also light)

  • Dark UI with theme colors… so much easier on the eye :)

  • Normally the default properties are fine with me. Therefore I always was using the light theme with colours. Because of this poll now I switched to the dark theme with colours and may be I will stick to it. :)

  • Dark theme all the way. Most of the sites I visit are light or colourfully themed, the dark theme makes it easy to separate what is a page element, and what is a Vivaldi UI element, as well as making the Vivaldi UI elements fade into the background so I can focus on the page content. I understand this is the exact opposite of how the Theme Colour UI is supposed to work. :unsure:

  • Dark theme, currently with no colors. I switched off colors yesterday to try it out and found that it now blends with my monitor frame so less distraction. However, I am fond of color…so could switch back if my mood changes :cheer:

  • Dark UI with theme color

  • Dark UI with theme color is the way I like it best so far.

  • Ужасный дизайн!
    Светлая тема глаза режет, а темная сплошная готика.
    Использую вот эту тему : css

  • @QuHno:

    Light UI with modified panel switcher because I don't like that black-ish bar at the side. Mine is now light with dark icons.

    How did you do that with the panel? I would love to do it as well. It would mix with the light theme really well.

    As for me, I'm rocking the light UI with colored theme. I put my tabs at the bottom as it makes the UI look better and cleaner, and it just feels more intuitive for the tabs to go on the bottom. Nicer design.

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  • Still dark, because that works best with my eyes. I just find it sad that there are still so many browser parts left with white spots, for example menu bar entries backgrounds or options menu backgrounds. Wondering if there is some CSS code which let's me at least change the general options/settings popup background as that is no native one.

  • I select dark or light theme, according to the Ubuntu theme: Ubuntu Ambiance + Vivaldi Dark at home, Ubuntu Radiance + Vivaldi Light at work

  • The Dark theme looks terrible on my Windows 8.1 PC and so I opt for the standard look. What Vivaldi needs to do is copy the nice dark theme that you can added to the new Windows version of UC Browser as that theme looks perfect and has transparency and light reflection.

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