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  • One of the most annoying things these days are those cookie dialogs on almost each and every webpage ("we use cookies", "we value your privacy" etc). Vivaldi should definetely have an option to block these dialogs or accept them by default. Something like the "I dont care about cookies" extension on Firefox.

  • Agree it would be nice to hide those kinds of obtrusive cookie dialogs that covers the whole screen and practically renders the webpage unusable until you accept them especially on the small mobile screens. However, I would not like an auto accept feature. Just hide them, do not accept them! A properly designed webpage must not use any cookies until the user explicitly accepts them and must not force the user to accept them until it is not specifically required for a user requested action (e.g. a login).

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    Given that recent versions of vivaldi are starting to include a tracking blocker, it might be nice if one day it was adpated into a mor egeneric content blocker. Then it might allow use of such cosmetic filter lists as easylist cookies reducing the work of maintaining how to block cookies for vivaldi developers.

    I would also really welcome this on desktop as well as android, as though desktop has extensions, it being built in would be even better.

  • I agree! "Vivaldi should definetely have an option to block these dialogs or accept them by default." Please, add that option.

  • this option would be extremly useful! there are already a lot of filterlists available for cookie popup blocking. they just need to be added.
    manually adding them would also be ok.

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