Chromium treating me like an idiot and warning me about EVERY SINGLE EXECUTABLE FILE

  • Is it possible to turn it off?

  • Well this is a thing that's been asked about around the internet before. The only way I know of that can stop that message from popping up is by going to the Chrome settings and telling it to ask you where to save the file. The problem is that, now, instead of a pop saying the file may harm your computer, a window will pop up and ask you where on the computer you want to save the file.

    In Vivaldi you can do this by following these steps:

    1. Paste this into your address bar: vivaldi://settings/search#a
    2. Find "Downloads"
    3. Check "Ask where to save each file before downloading"


    If it makes you feel any better, I'd be surprised if Vivaldi didn't eventually get an option to disable it in a later release.

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    I would not regard someone as an idiot because they downloaded executable files from trusted sources. However, I do regard people as idiots if they think that shouting and making a fuss makes their point better than polite feature requests and well reasoned arguments.

    The point that you make is a good one. Warning users about the potential danger of executable files is obviously the right thing to do, but there should be an option to disable the warning for those who are computer-savvy, and accept the inherent risks associated with downloading software.

    Vivaldi is using the Chromium rendering engine, so I presume that they would have to implement something to override this behaviour. It is still early days in the development of Vivaldi, and this is not a high priority by any stretch of the imagination.

    Opera 12.17 also warns me that executable files are unsafe. I don't mind. The dialogue gives me a choice whether to download the file, run it, or cancel. However, if I use the right-click, save target as… route, then I can save it without any warning dialogues. Vivaldi also provides that option to bypass the warning dialogue.


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