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    With version support for extensions has been greatly improved, e.g. by visible buttons that allow us to actually use them. I don't use many extensions in my browsers: uBlock, LastPass, Xmarks. But I do like them to work consistently. uBlock and LastPass appear to be functioning well now. When I click them, the right menu is openend, etc. Xmarks is not functioning to its full extend. Click the icon and the menu pops up, alright. Click Xmarks Settings and a new Xmarks tab is opened. But if you afterwards click "Sign in" of "Run the Setup Wizard" nothing happens. As if pop-up windows are blocked. I'm really interested to see how Xmarks would synchronize my Bookmarks/Favorites with Vivaldi. Once that's clear, I'm likely to make the move from Chrome. Another more general issue with the extension buttons: Click the icon and the extension menu opens. But how do I get rid of the extension menu? Esc works fine with Chrome, FF, etc., but not with Vivaldi.

  • @S_Paternotte:

    Click the icon and the extension menu opens. But how do I get rid of the extension menu? Esc works fine with Chrome, FF, etc., but not with Vivaldi.

    Just click the icon again.

  • The extension seem to work, but I can't sign in: it opens the settings page, and if I push the sign in button nothing happens. Is it just for me?

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    That's my experience too.
    Still a problem in v1.0.258.3

  • I am also facing the same issue.

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    We do not yet support type popups triggered by extensions, which I assume is what these extensions are using.

  • +1 to add "type popup triggered by extension" as I also use xmarks extensively and I can't sign in with it in vivaldi. 🙂

  • Actually, any idea when this feature will be implemented so that we can star using Xmarks?

  • Hi, I'm using 1.0.303.52 and still not working. Any news about when this feature is going to be implemented?

    I'll love to have this feature enabled so I can move to Vivaldi.

    Thanks !

  • Hi, seems that the new snapshot (1.0.321.3) has fixed that. I'm just reading and can't test at this moment that snapshot, but if anyone can take a look or is searching for this extension to work, take a look at this Snapshot

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    I can confirm that the new snapshot 1.0.321.3 includes the fix that allows me to login at Xmarks and synchronize my bookmarks.
    Thank you Vivaldi-team.

    Having said that, there appears to be something missing.
    The bookmarks-bar is coming across nicely, and Speed Dial has found a place in there as well.
    However, the full bookmarks folder structure that I use, is not visible/accessible in Vivaldi.
    (At first I was afraid that the sync might have corrupted deleted all my bookmarks, but luckily that didn't occur)

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    When I start Vivaldi (64-bit), the Xmarks extension appears to be disabled.
    I can manually enable it via vivaldi://extensions and then it functions alright.
    But the next time I start Vivaldi, the Xmarks extension is disabled again.
    Is there some security setting that I should make or is it something else?

  • Thanks for try it and to confirm that it works.

    The x64 version is very experimental right now. Probably it's better (at this time) to use the 32 bit version.

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    I actually switched to the 64-bit version after having read good reports about its stability.
    But, as to please the community, I just switched back to 32-bit again.

    • wiped Vivaldi 64-bit from the PC, user data and all
    • Fresh installation of V32 + Xmarks and LastPass
    • Performed Xmarks bookmarks sync

    Same result: Bookmarks bar is allright. Extended bookmarks folder structure is nowhere to be found.
    I guess I may now switch back to 64-bit again.

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    First, if you have to re-enable an extension every time you start the browser, this can usually be solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the extension. Don't know why.

    Second, there is a LOT of data missing in your comments if one wants to try to figure out what's going on with your bookmarks. You state that your normal extended bookmarks structure is "nowhere to be found." Yet you also say, "(At first I was afraid that the sync might have corrupted deleted all my bookmarks, but luckily that didn't occur)" How do you know this if the extended bookmarks folder structure is missing? How are you syncing bookmarks, and what are you syncing with? Are you trying to sync Vivaldi with another browser? If so, you are trying to sync two incompatible folder structures.

    In my case, I have Vivaldi bookmarks synced via XMarks on three different computers, and it is working properly. The FIRST thing I did is get rid of the old content of XMarks by changing the sync settings to "replace bookmarks on server with the ones in this browser." Then on each other machine, I had it "replace bookmarks on this machine with the ones on server." Then the content of every machine was the same and now every time I change anything on any of the three machines, it get updated to the other two.

    At no point did any of my files or folders disappear or any such thing. I think your symptoms point to an attempt to sync incompatible file structures. But there's too little data for me to say for sure.

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    My situation is that I'm coming from a setup where Firefox and Chrome share the very same bookmarks folder structure via Xmarks. This structure includes: 1. The Bookmarks bar, 2. A significant folder structure with other bookmarks I've collected through the years. See attached screen capture from Chrome.
    Nothing special, I assume. If possible, I'd like Vivaldi to follow suit.

    The bookmarks bar is there alright.
    The bookmarks folder structure does not show up and appears to have gone lost in translation.
    See second screen capture from Vivaldi.

    Surely I could try and rearrange all my boomarks (in FF and Chr) so that they show up nicely in Vivaldi as well, but I'm hoping that Vivaldi's handling of bookmarks (folder structures) will become resilient to cope with what I've had with Firefox, Chrome and IE. After all, this is but a first success in Xmarks bookmark syncing and there may be things that haven't been considered yet.

    I hope that the screen captures provide the necessary details, otherwise I'm perfectly willing to supply addidtional info to the development team should there be a need. Just send me a personal note.

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    Ah. So, yes, you are dealing with an incompatible folder structure.

    Vivaldi is unique in that EVERYTHING, including Bookmarks Bar and Speed Dial, is a non-special bookmarks folder. If you put all of your non-bookmarks-bar bookmarks into a single folder on your bookmarks bar in another browser, they will ALL, including folder structure, sync to the same place in Vivaldi. Then, in Vivaldi, you can pick from any of them which to show in the Bookmarks Bar and/or in Speed Dial.

    Since there's no UI "Bookmarks" button in Vivaldi, I have one top-level Folder that I named "Speed Dial." I display its contents both in Speed Dial and on the Bookmarks Bar, since both support hierarchical folders, unlike any other browser. INSIDE that "Speed Dial" folder is a single folder that contains all of my non-bookmarks-bar bookmarks. It only takes up one spot on my Bookmarks bar, but allows me immediate access to all bookmarks either on the Bookmarks Bar or on Speed Dial.

    I like that to have all the same bookmarks available on Speed Dial as I have on the Bar, so I have also designated this as my Speed Dial. You could have a dedicated folder just for Speed Dial, however. I'm pretty sure that if you arranged your bookmarks in a similar fashion in other browsers (IF THEY WILL LET YOU HAVE HIERARCHICAL FOLDERS) on the bookmarks bar, you could sync everything. Worth a try.

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    I've done as you suggested, which works quite well.

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    Pleased to hear it!

  • I just installed the Vivaldi Release Version and tried to use Xmarks. When I try to "Run Setup Wizard", it opens a blank page with dark background. When I try to "Sign in", Vivaldi opens the same window and then immediately crashes.


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