Constant amnesia.

  • I like the browser. It's fun, it's lovely. Save for the too narrow tabs, atrocious download manager, and largely useless right click context menu.

    But that's still nothing compared to the fact it keeps forgetting...everything. I get randomly logged out of things. It forgets settings. Whole sessions. To buy milk. It's becoming a problem.

    For example, it'll randomly log me out of youtube. And, at other time, it'll forget I have it set to dark mode, but it doesn't log me out at those times. Just switches dark mode off with no rhyme or reason.

    Another example is steam. It logs me out of steam, randomly. But, it sometimes logs me out of steamcommunity without logging me out of steam itself.

    I have ccleaner and ghostary which may both be at fault but there's nothing in their setting about automatic cleaning that's not off.
    Same goes for Vivalid settings themselves.

    Take note, this does not happen when I close Vivaldi, or even when I shut down the pc. I may just close a tab with youtube, open it again instantly, and suffer permanent retina damage from white youtube.

    I just don't understand why this happens at such random intervals. I'd get it if it cleaned itself when I closed it, or if the extensions ware burning cookies and sessions at regular intervals, but this makes no bloody sense anymore.

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  • The problem must be on your system, if I ever had any of these problems, Vivaldi would have been uninstalled immediately. I never experienced anything like you describe. I am always logged in various sites & forums and Vivaldi remembers my passwords for all of them, and never gets logged out by itself.
    Maybe you have set Vivaldi to clean up the cookies/history/everything else on exit? 3rd party cookies enabled? No idea what else to look for.

  • @GabrielNox Maybe you have cookies set to "session only"? (Tools/Settings/Privacy - or in your extensions).

  • Some firewalls can do this too...

  • @iAN-CooG

    Yes, of course I checked all the usual suspects. That's what makes it strange.
    Considering I had Chrome before it, and Firefox briefly, neither which had these problems, I can only conclude it's this browser that's doing it.
    Chrome also had identical extensions.

  • @GabrielNox Try disabling, if not even uninstalling ALL the extensions, they CAN interfere with Vivaldi. Test Vivaldi as vanilla as possible, and if it works, then try slowly enabling/adding one extension at a time to find what is the culprit.
    I'd also not trust CCleaner, it might confuse Vivaldi with Chrome and clean "too much"

  • @iAN-CooG

    Fair point. But instead of starting from vanilla I'll try disabling them one by one.
    The only reason I use ccleaner anyway is for the cache cleaning, which I can just do through the usual menu, like a barbarian.

    I'll report back.

  • @GabrielNox said in Constant amnesia.:

    But instead of starting from vanilla I'll try disabling them one by one.

    Easier to just rename the DEFAULT folder for testing.

    Or just test with a Guest profile.

  • - Ambassador -

    Sometimes it's better to uninstall all extensions then test. There are extensions which can interfere without being uninstalled.
    Try using a bare-bones standalone and not install any extensions. Running a standalone will allow you to keep your production Vivaldi as-is while testing/troubleshooting.

  • Just got logged out of Google.

    It's not CCleaner.

    Turning off Ghostary next.

  • Moderator

    @GabrielNox "disablilng" extensions does not always stop their interference in browser or system operation. They may have a background function that does not turn off.

  • @Ayespy

    That sounds like a browser problem. "Turning off the thing doesn't turn it off properly." Fix it.

    Anyway. I just got white YouTube again, both ccleaner and ghostary were turned off.

    Still, even if it is an extension problem, it's not like I'll stop using them. They're all essential to my browsing experience. So this whole thing was rather pointless.

    I like the customization of this browser but everything else is just a worse version of chrome, which is already quite bad.
    Maybe if they just took it and put some style on it, it would be a much more positive experience than trying to invent hot mimicking a decade old browser.
    I loved Opera 12 too, but it wasn't infallible.

    Back to Chrome, for me.

    My thanks to everyone who tried helping,

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I also have an issue with YouTube sometimes appearing in white even though dark mode is enabled. I assumed the dark mode was still in beta testing or something, but maybe it actually is a Vivaldi (or user-specific) problem. 🤔

  • The dark mode is controlled by the cookie named PREF:

    Specifically the f6=400 parameter. So if YT ever gets reset to white mode there's a chance this cookie has been changed or deleted. You can check this yourself in Vivaldi Privacy settings.

  • @GabrielNox I never had the problems you describe and I am logged in all the time in various places including this forum, the blog, steam etc. But I never installed Ghostery nor CCleaner, I use uBlock Origin. Regarding youtube theme I never accept cookies but create exceptions and block 3rd party, and it still is showing in dark mode. Click on the green lock sign and see if you have some cookies blocked.

    That sounds like a browser problem. "Turning off the thing doesn't turn it off properly." Fix it.

    I remember looking at Chrome's "Preferences" file (with an editor) and discovering hundreds of traces of deleted extensions so you are wrong with that.

  • @Pathduck

    That's what I was looking for. I wasn't certain which one it was. Thank you.

    Here's the problem, that cookie expires in two days from it's creation. Why?
    It should be two years. What setting controls that?


    That's still a browser problem. Just because Chrome has the same problem doesn't make it not a problem.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @Pathduck For me the issue is that I get a white youtube even with the cookie set (page loads as dark and then turns white, as if it disables dark mode after it has loaded in spite of the setting and cookie remaining). Doesn't always happen, either.

    But if OP simple loses the cookie then I must have a different problem.

  • I really don't know, for me in EditThisCookie extension the expiration is set to:
    Sun May 17 2020 02:11:16 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)

    However in Vivaldi's privacy setting it's set to 1970 which I think means either "never" or "as soon as possible". Tried to read about how this works but didn't get any smarter...

    The cookie is still there after browser restart though, even before loading Youtube.

  • @Komposten

    After it loaded? That's a larger problem than mine.
    Not remembering settings is a common problem, changing them on the spot is not.
    I would suggest you open a new thread for this as it could be serious.


    I installed EditThisCookie and it shows the same as Vivaldi;
    Two days, nine minutes, and 43 seconds.

    Why the ten minutes on top? I don't know...

    Do we have the same build?

    2.7.1628.33 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

  • @GabrielNox said in Constant amnesia.:

    Do we have the same build?

    No I use the latest Snapshot. But I doubt there was changes to this functionality, if so it was in different Chromium versions.

    Cookies are set by the server, and the browser should have no interest in editing these - unless there's an extension changing expiration dates. Or a user setting in Google itself?

    Two days, nine minutes, and 43 seconds.

    Is that the cookie's Max-age value? Where do you see this exact time?

    Try with other browsers and see what it does there?
    EDIT: I tried in Firefox and Opera, and get the same expiry far in the future, for Opera:
    Wednesday, 15 September 2021 at 15:35:22

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