Vivaldi M3 - mail client, when?

  • @burnout426 - I remember you, in the Opera Forums, where you gave ( do you still give?) solution to all problems with M2, integrated and / or standalone. I consider you the Pope of the email clients. I ask for your blessing. :pray:

  • @Quinca71 I'm still there. Blessings. :sunglasses:

  • @Ayespy

    I kindly ask for suggesting be deepened the meaning of burnout426's post. The guy is a profound connoisseur of the matter. I am afraid of put this I'm writing. But be all for the M3, Vivaldi and team's sake. This intention leads me take the risk.

  • This topic should be moved to "All platforms". As far as I can see the topic is not Windows-specific but of importance to users of all OS.

  • Since 1.8 is out, please include the M3 with the next build!

  • Moderator

    @saudiqbal: That would be totally OK with me, as it's essentially my default email client right now. I can overlook a host of sins just to know that what I want is nearing completion. But if it were to happen, I fear the resulting tidal wave of bug reports, requests for fixes and demands for features would completely swamp the development team. Further, users would be so irritated by all the rough edges and sharp corners that it might hurt Vivaldi's PR more than help it.

  • @Ayespy We could have an "Enable Highly-Experimental Mail Client" flag under "vivaldi://flags" for those that want to test. That way, it gets some extra shakedown for a while before 2.0 ( for example).

    As for feedback, bug reports and feature requests, we could keep that in the forums here for now and let inside testers report anything significant. That way the dev isn't overwhelmed with all our noise on here.

    A thought at least.

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    @burnout426: I sympathize with your position, but I fear we'll not see it in public until the devs deem it ready.

  • @burnout426 I think that even if it was an experimental version with lots of warnings telling the user that this feature is experimental, people would still report bugs and even complain about them on the forums & the team blog. I'm patient, I can wait. Besides, if it's IMAP only (so far), it's gonna be useless for me anyway... 😉

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    No, such experimental flag enabled not-ready M3 client could lead to mail loss. That is too risky.
    You will get a M3 if it is stable enough.
    No fear, that will be this year ;)

  • @burnout426

    Oh, I'm sorry. I can only regret it.

  • @ghpy said in M3 - mail client, when?:

    This topic should be moved to "All platforms".


  • I can understand, that the devs are not willing to publish M3 until it is ready. Unfortunately waiting is getting harder for me from day to day. I'm using still opera 12.16 as Mail-Client. But I have two problems which makes it more and more a pain for me to use:

    1. links inside of mails are opened in opera. I haven't found a way to open them in another browser. The problem is, that more and more websites aren't compatible to opera anymore.

    2. I'm on Linux wit KDE. Since plasma 5, I have problems with the fonts in opera. I have dark breeze as theme enabled. This leads to a very bright grey font on white background in the adressfield of the browser an also in the adressfields and the subject field of M2 (it's nearly unreadable). Also haven't found a switch to solve this and i am not willing to change to a light theme just because of Opera.

    Maybe somebody has a solution for my problems, so waiting time isn't that bad anymore.

  • @Popanz

    1. Copy the link, switch to Vivaldi (Alt Tab), Paste and Go
    2. This can probably be solved by editing the Opera skin or switching to a different skin. You will find some Opera skins on my downloads page. I don't know whether they will work on Linux. This is Mocha Dark.

    0_1491224003728_Mocha Dark Skin.png

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I don't have Opera 12.x installed. Only my settings left.

    But, you can create new menu for link to send it to other apps isn't it?
    I think it will be around/under
    [Mail Item Popup Menu]

  • @Pesala

    1. That's the way I do it at the moment, which is a way, but not really comfortable.
    2. I have tried it with different skins (Ibis inspire at the moment) but on your download page are some more, so I try it with some of your offered skins. If one is working, I just have to find out which setting i have to add/change in the skin.ini.


    That sounds like a more comfortable solution. That's probably in the toolbar.ini?!
    I will have a look...

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Actually, it's in standard_menu.ini.

  • @dLeon

    Almost done:
    The correct place for the entry is:
    [Link Popup Menu]

    I have added the line:
    Item, "In Vivaldi öffnen" = Execute program, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe", "%L"
    (i'm on a windows machine at the moment)

    Vivaldi is getting started and the link is opened. Unfortunately not correct, because there is always missing the colon after http.

    I will find the error (hopefully) and post it here.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I see from my Opera 12 settings, I ever doing it like this;

    Platform Unix, Item, "Firefox LINK"      = Execute program, "firefox", "%l"
    Platform Unix, Item, "Firefox SOURCE"    = Execute program, "firefox", "%s"
    Platform Unix, Item, "Firefox URL"       = Execute program, "firefox", "%u"
    Platform Windows, Item, "Firefox LINK"   = Execute program, "firefox.exe", "%l"
    Platform Windows, Item, "Firefox SOURCE" = Execute program, "firefox.exe", "%s"
    Platform Windows, Item, "Firefox URL"    = Execute program, "firefox.exe", "%u"

  • @Popanz Not sure if the Linux version has it, but in Opera 12.16 for Windows, under Advanced -> Programs in preferences, you can add/set the http and https protocols to open with the browser you want.

    There are 2 catches though (at least on windows).

    1. A blank tab is created each time Opera launches a link in your browser.

    2. Framed pages (iframes for example) in RSS messages won't load in the frame and instead will be loaded in your browser.

    Besides that though, if the settings are there on Linux, it should work.

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