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  • Thanks for the work guys. I am an old opera user and I am still using opera 12.17 as my default browser. However, there are more and more pages giving me some grief (google maps, MS pages, some blogs done in drupal etc) Here is what I wish for Vivaldi to have: 1. the possibility to call my bookmarks from the menu bar along with file, edit, view, window and help (no I do not want the bookmark bar per se - it is not usefull and it takes too much space from the screen) 2. the possibility to remove completely the panel from the screen an call whatever is on that panel from the menu bar.(again, it will save some screen space and you will have the menu bar anyway) 3. In some pages the password manager might not work properly and sometimes some extra clicking is necessary. I wish a password manager button can be put along with forward/backward buttons. 4. I wish the buttons can be rearranged at one's convenience 5. sometimes the passwords are changed or are the web address is not actual any more. I want to have the ability to see what it is stored and to delete/change to what I need. Well, I think that's enough for now. I have attache a small pic of my existing menu in opera (which i wish I can do in vivaldi) Thanks again guys and I hope that Vivaldi will be my new default browser. Tim Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/62809/Untitled-1.jpg[/img]

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    You can call/dismiss the panel bar from "view" in the main menu.

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    the URL chrome://settings/passwords will take you to the password manager for now, until full password management is built in to the Vivaldi UI.

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