I get a redirected to a diferent profile when I click on my name

  • Well the title says it's most. It doesn't happens when I am on the forum apparently, but when I am on the site. I've just registered and found this quite queer. That's my profile: https://vivaldi.net/community/profile/8453 But when I click on my avatar it sends me here: https://vivaldi.net/community/profile/metal But I see the avatar of a sexy ass of some guy's profile named "powerme". https://vivaldi.net/community/profile/powerme Not that I mind his avatar, but what I mind is why I am not send to view my profile as it should? o_O And how can two addresses redirect to one profile as well is beyond my idea of proper coding. Thanks in advance.

  • lol, that's funny and potentially embarrassing (if people think that's your backside). at least (based on the avatars) you know you look good coming and going:)

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    Thanks, seems like a bug. We will try to fix it ASAP.

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    Could it be an issue with the "permalink" ?
    Do you have the permalink box filled-out in your profile ?

    It seems to work fine now, so if this has been "fixed" a comment here would be useful, or perhaps mark the thread "solved" or close it.

  • Well I haven't filled that field, neither do I knew it existed. o.O
    It feels pretty queer and novel feature to me as far the usual social and community media sites go.

    Well as it seems the permalink of my profile name is already reserved, it seems I never had the chance to set it. A thing which I can live w/o as I'll simply make a different permalink now, but the sad part is I can't change (at least not by myself) the username to match my perma link. My blog permalink is the same as my current profile name tho.

    But what's distressful here is that it's very confusing and unfunctional to have your user-name different from your profile permalink which is just a solid base for future confusion as if f.e. if you gave a friend your permalink, but he/she couldn't save it then or add you right away, and consequentially tried a search for you later, this may prove it kinda hard to find you later.

    I mean it would've been easier or at least less confusing if this option was brought at the process of registration or your permalink simply was the same as your username or you could change both later. For example if you register with hard account login credentials or user name, but you could change your display name and permalink. Just my 2 cents.

    So I guess this is just me being new to this system. :blink:

    I'll just figure out what works best for me.
    I guess this could be tagged as semi-solved or figured lol. :lol:

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