How to block automatic Flash movies from loading ?

  • how to block Flash movies from loading automatically ? Opera had this option, and it remarkably reduces bandwidth load.

  • Try these steps:

    1. Paste this into your address bar: vivaldi://settings/search#a
    2. Open "Content settings"
    3. Scroll down to "Plugins"
      • Let me choose when to run plugin content

  • it blocks it completely…i want flash movies to load on demand...opera used to show "play" sign on the area that had flash movies... and flash movies worked only when i clicked on the "play" sign.

  • I can't reproduce the problem you're describing - I get the option to run Flash player after following those steps.


    Verify that you're on the most recent version of Vivaldi. Which, as of this post is
    You can download it from the devs' blog here.

  • I know this is a half year old thread, but the still persists - HTML5 video (not flash, as Tiamarth was referring to) still autoplays, and there is no way to set it to play only on demand. The only options for the plug-in is enabled or disabled, which is (sorry, team!) pretty useless.



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