Hide extension buttons

  • Is there any way to hide the buttons some extensions put on your UI? As you can see on the picture, this is not pretty 🙂 [img]https://veuwer.com/i/32ai.png[/img]

  • I don't think there are any options for hiding individual extension buttons yet, but you can just hide the whole extension bar altogether until that option is added if you want.

    1. Open directory /opt/vivaldi-snapshot/resources/vivaldi/style/
    2. Open "common.css"
    3. At the very top of the file, add:```
      @import "custom.css";
    5) Paste this code into the file:

    .extensions-wrapper {
    display: none !important;

    Vivaldi will need to be restarted after changes are made to these files.

  • Thank you. I hope that the buttons will be better integrated in the future, but your solution worked perfectly 🙂


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