Youtube Issues - shadow of overlay left on screen in fullscreen mode

  • Hello,
    I'm having kind of a weird issue with youtube. When I am playing a video in full screen mode, it'll leave a shadow of the overlay if I move the mouse while watching. I have to pause it to make it go away, but the play button will leave a shadow then. It's very strange. I just wanted to know if this is a known bug or if it's a new issue. I can provide screenshots if needed.
    This does not happen on any other browser I try.

  • @UlfarrOT Hello, I tried with Chrome and Opera (in addition to Vivaldi of course) and I see the shadow everywhere when I move the mouse.
    In which browser don't you see that phenomenon (which, as per my view comes from Youtube itself - which is less visible for the videos that have the fake cinema dimensions (black horizontal lines at the top and bottom of the video))?

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