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  • I'm having a little trouble getting sync to work for me. The behavior has been a little confusing, so stick with me while I describe what's happened so far.

    My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9+ running Android version 9, kernel 4.9.112, security patch level August 1, 2019.

    When I first installed Vivaldi and went to the sync settings I was able to login successfully, and then it asked for the encryption password. I entered the password, and then after a brief moment green checkmarks appeared next to both upload & download and they reported success. However, none of my bookmarks or notes from my desktop browser are available.

    I noticed in another thread someone mentioned that it takes some time to download all the data, and that is understandable especially considering the size of my bookmark library. Before reading that, I had tried turning off the passwords & autofill options for sync, and again after a brief moment both up & download had green checkmarks and reported success.

    If it really is that it is still downloading, and it doesn't display any bookmarks or notes until the download is complete, then the sync settings page shouldn't report download success with a green checkmark; there should be some indication that the download is ongoing.

    After about 1.5-2 hours, I went into the sync settings again, I logged out and back in. Upon providing my encryption password I was getting an error stating "Download: Server refused your credentials, Upload: Not Synced". I came to the forum to look and see if anyone else was having syncing issues, and after a few minutes went back to my settings page and both upload and download were back to green checkmarks & reporting success.

    So this is the current state of my browser. I am logged in, encryption password provided, both upload and download are reporting success with green checks, but I have none of my bookmarks or notes from my desktop. My bookmarks library is quite large, but the file is only ~50MB and I'm connected to Wi-Fi over a very fast cable ISP. The data should have had enough time to download at this point.

    One possibility might be that since the mobile app is brand new, there are so many people installing and syncing that the servers are a bit overloaded right now. Is there anyone that can confirm or deny this to be the case?

    If that isn't the problem, does anyone have any ideas of how to resolve the issue or what to investigate to diagnose it further?


    ↬ BoneTone

  • Community Manager

    @bonetone thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble. Would you please file a bug report so that the developers can look into it asap?
    Please submit a bug report with the following info:

    • username of the account you tried to sync,
    • error message shown (if any),
    • a screenshot of vivaldi://sync-internals and the Sync settings page on vivaldi://settings/sync/ can help or
      click on Dump Status on vivaldi://sync-internals and send us the content that appears in a small box below the button,
    • time when it happened,
    • detailed steps to reproduce the issue.

    Please share the VB number you receive via email here so we can quickly follow it up internally.

    Thanks in advance for your help 🙏

  • Thank you gaelle,

    The data eventually synchronized and all is working well now. But I will file a bug about the inaccurate/incorrect "success" status. Perhaps the logs can shed some light on what was happening. Taking 3-4 hours seems a excessive to download my data. At most it was half a gig, maybe there is a ton of processing that needed to be done before it was displayed, or server issues, perhaps we'll see in the dump. Thanks for the guidance.

    I'll hold off on filing a bug about the "server refused your credentials" as I cannot reproduce it at this time. It is a weird issue though, in that I didn't relog in, I just went back to the settings ~20 minutes later and it had logged in.

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