SYNC not working? Bug or my error?

  • I am overjoyed at the beta release of Vivaldi4Android. The #1 reason I wanted/needed it was to synch my extensive PC bookmarks and web login information. However, after connecting sync (with same encrypted password) on my Android tablet - I'm not seeing any of my PC bookmarks.

    Is this a bug in process or am I doing something wrong.

  • @jdb
    Hi, it need some time to sync, I thought it does not work for me, too.
    Add your tablet specs, please.

    Cheers, mib

  • Community Manager

    @jdb Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble, we need more details to understand what is happening and be able to fix it.
    Please submit a bug report with the following info:

    • username of the account you tried to sync,
    • error message shown (if any),
    • a screenshot of vivaldi://sync-internals and the Sync settings page on vivaldi://settings/sync/ can help or
      click on Dump Status on vivaldi://sync-internals and send us the content that appears in a small box below the button,
    • time when it happened,
    • detailed steps to reproduce the issue.

    Please share the VB number you receive via email here so we can quickly follow it up internally.

    Thanks in advance for your help 🙏

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