Saved password interface, search bar needed :)

  • Hello, first of all I'm really glad to know vivaldi project, I did use opera a lot when it first came out a long time ago (I don't know now ^^) but then switched to chrome. I find vivaldi really good & I really like the UI interface, there's still some issues to be fix but I'm sure it can be a really good & powerfull browser. The only thing that annoy me a bit those time is when I wanna see one of my password in the password in the options menu. The fact that we cannot search for a specific website / username / email. and also that you can instantly see the passwords, some time it's always better to let some confirmation button / password. So it'd be nice if you can create a search bar to see only specific domain / email / username and not the whole list. As I have REALLY much accounts on the internet ^^ it's pretty impossible to quickly find one of my accounts. This is still a minor problem, good job so far & I hope to see always more good stuff from you guys ! Vivaldi is opera reborn ! 🙂

  • If the current passwords interface doesn't have enough features for your taste, then, in the mean time you can probably put this in your address bar, vivaldi://settings/search#a , find "Passwords and forms" , click on "Manage passwords"

  • thanks ! I was exactly looking for something like that, but only tried ctrl-f when I was in the passwords menu without success ^^

  • No problem 🙂

    This is definitely something they should add in a future release, though. I completely agree.

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