My blog was marked as spam and the contact form could not be submitted

  • My blog was marked spam as I was just ready to post my first blog. I've seen other people in this forum had the same problem but I was having trouble submitting the contact form:

    Annotation 2019-09-11 152233.png

    A temporary solution by myself is by disabling the reportValidity check (in the browser console):

    $ = jQuery;
    $("#sendMail").click(function() {
    		var email = $("#contact-email").val();
    		var form = $('form#contactform');
    		var message = $("#contact-message").val();
    		var name = $("#contact-name").val();
    		var captcha = $("#captcha").val();
    		var acaptcha = $("#acaptcha").val();
    		var bcaptcha = $("#bcaptcha").val();
    		var username = $("#contact-username").val();
    		var service = $("#contact-service option:selected").val();
    		var referrer = $("#referrer").val();
    		var version = $("#contact-version").val();
    		var os = $("#contact-os").val();
    		var device = $("#contact-device").val();
    		if(false) return false;
    		var dataString = 'email=' + encodeURIComponent(email) + '&message=' + encodeURIComponent(message) + '&name='
    		+ encodeURIComponent(name) + '&captcha=' + encodeURIComponent(captcha) + '&acaptcha='
    		+ encodeURIComponent(acaptcha) + '&bcaptcha=' + encodeURIComponent(bcaptcha) + '&topic='
    		+ encodeURIComponent(topic) + '&referrer=' + encodeURIComponent(referrer);
    		if (username !== '') {
    			dataString = dataString.concat('&username=' + encodeURIComponent(username));
    		if (service !== '') {
    			dataString = dataString.concat('&service=' + encodeURIComponent(service));
    		if (version !== '') {
    			dataString = dataString.concat('&version=' + encodeURIComponent(version));
    		if (os !== '') {
    			dataString = dataString.concat('&os=' + encodeURIComponent(os));
    		if (device !== '') {
    			dataString = dataString.concat('&device=' + encodeURIComponent(device));
    		// AJAX Code To Submit Form.
    			type: "POST",
    			url: "/wp-content/themes/vivaldicom-theme/lib/handlecontact.php",
    			data: dataString,
    			cache: false,
    			dataType: 'json',
    			success: function(result){
    				if (result['status'] == 'success'){
    					location.href = "/contact/thanks?issuekey=" + result['issuekey'];
    		return false;

    Please look into this. Thanks!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi @hedges. I'm so sorry for the trouble. I've removed your blog from the list of spam blogs and replied to your message via email as well.
    Regarding the contact page issue, I've notified a dev to look into it.

  • @jane-n Thanks! Saw the blog back online 😃

  • I am having the exact same problem. I started a blog titled "Woodland Spaces" to write about woodland pictures that I take. I write poetry.

    I don't know how much more benign writing poetry about forest pictures one can get, but (like you) my blog was marked spam and now I can't even find the blog.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @RoseGardener Please try accessing your blog now.

  • @jane-n Thank you. I am now able to see and edit my blog.

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