A short exit resets the interface

  • I switched to the app or went back to the desktop and then turned on vivaldi. My original interface was reset (whether I was recording something on the note page or browsing my bookmarks).

    I hope that without switching back to the background, even if I switch applications or press the home button to temporarily exit, I will still be the original page when I came back. For example, I recorded a note and then looked at Twitter. When I came back, it was still my note page instead of the initial page.

  • Community Manager

    @poto Thanks for reaching out and reporting this issue. We couldn't reproduce it on our testing device and need more info about yours. For that reason, would you please report it here: vivaldi.com/bugreport ? If you do it directly from your mobile, it will grab most of the technical details from your phone we need to get a clearer picture. 🙂

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