Tab page long press delete tab

  • I hope Vivaldi can long press the label to remove the label.
    I originally liked Kiwi's slide to remove the label, but now it seems difficult to achieve, because the up and down and left and right slides already have the corresponding function.
    So why not press and delete the label?
    I don't like clicking at all, it limits the scope of your choice to death, you can only press the X of the corner.
    The browser's function can use the button, but to delete the label I absolutely refuse the button to tap.
    Originally I thought if the tab could long press the label and then drag it to form a stack with the other labels.
    But then I think about it, mobile browsers are not suitable for the backlog of a large number of tags, on the one hand, power consumption; on the other hand, the screen size and the natural disadvantage of the mobile terminal.
    So the best long press is to delete the tabs.

  • @poto It seems to me that then it would be too easy to accidentally delete a tab. The small "X" makes the action of deleting very deliberate.

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