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  • Vivaldi for Android finally came out

    Multi-terminal synchronization feels so good

    I want to say that there are only three browsers in the world: Vivaldi, Firefox and others.

    Vivaldi's user experience is unique. Once you get used to it, it's hard to forget. With any other Chormiunm series browser, you feel nothing, those things that you miss when you leave.

    Firefox allows you to do things that Google doesn't allow you to do because of interest protection, and its picture-in-picture is very powerful. Chromium's picture-in-picture feature can't be done easily with Firefox.

    Temporarily no web video was found that Firefox can't draw a picture.
    But Firefox has a fatal flaw: it lacks a user-friendly user experience. Firefox is very powerful, but it can't be said to be easy to use. This is reflected in the Android version, such as the lack of a sliding address bar switch label.

    So go back to Vivaldi for Android

    1. I hope Vivaldi can long press the label to remove the label.
      I originally liked Kiwi's slide to remove the label, but now it seems difficult to achieve, because the up and down and left and right slides already have the corresponding function.
      So why not press and delete the label?
      I don't like clicking at all, it limits the scope of your choice to death, you can only press the X of the corner.
      The browser's function can use the button, but to delete the label I absolutely refuse the button to tap.
      Originally I thought if the tab could long press the label and then drag it to form a stack with the other labels.
      But then I think about it, mobile browsers are not suitable for the backlog of a large number of tags, on the one hand, power consumption; on the other hand, the screen size and the natural disadvantage of the mobile terminal.
      So the best long press is to delete the tabs.

    2. Vivaldi does not need a bottom address bar.
      Think about why we would like the bottom address bar because we want to slide the address bar to switch tabs, the bottom to make it easier for us to focus on the address bar, go to the tabs and go to the options.
      But the Vivaldi toolbar can be swiped and switched, and the bottom bar can also focus on the address bar. I use Vivaldi for me, so there is no need to move the address bar to the bottom.

    3. The reading mode is not started by default.
      In fact, it can be selected by default, let the user know that there is a reading mode function, if the user does not need, they can be turned off in the settings.
      But first let the user know that Vivaldi can let them use the reading mode.

    4. A very important user experience detail: Web Search.
      I don't know why almost all mobile browsers ignore this detail, and I'm happy that Vivaldi noticed this detail and provided Web Search.
      Although sometimes Tap on search is more convenient.

    5. Familiar search engine switching code.
      This is the most convenient way I use different search engines to search for different content. I experienced familiar things in Vivaldi for Android.

    6. perhaps Vivaldi can try the split screen in the browser.
      Just like the PC version, you can browse more than two web pages simultaneously in your browser.
      The Android version allows users to view up to two web pages simultaneously.

    7. I hope to turn the beta version into a stable version as soon as possible.
      Then another version of the snapshot is released as a test version.
      I don't like the name of Vivaldi Beta, why not use the word snapshot?
      Vivaldi Snapshot is the Browser Beta version!
      I hope Vivaldi snapshot for android can use black and white Vivaldi logo, Stable version with Vivaldi red logo

    8. Provide an option to turn off the notification bar to turn off all privacy tags.
      Many times, because of accidental misuse, I closed all my privacy tags that I haven't finished reading.
      Provide an option to let the user close all the privacy tags by turning off the notification bar

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