Default download folder not respected

  • Version 2.7.1628.30 (Stable channel) (64-bit) for Windows
    One of the most irritating things about Vivaldi is that it won't respect my default download folder, but tends to save to wherever I saved something before. I often do a save as to put something in a special place. when I don't do that, I expect the files to go to the default download folder. But frequently they go somewhere I once saved something else.

    My setup options are:
    download folder.jpg

    Is there a reason a simple download shouldn't go to d:\downloads with these options checked?

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    @steveshank If you have used Save As Windows remember the last used folder. Use Save to store downloaded files and all is ok.
    If yo do not want to have the Save dialog, enable in Settings → Downloads the option Save Files to default Location Without Asking.

  • @steveshank
    This is normal Windows behaviour, as already said by @Gwen-Dragon.
    When the Save As dialog appears, and the path you're in is not your default, click on the path, enter d:\downloads (or any other path you want) and confirm with enter key. From now on the path entered will be in the last selected paths, just click on the down arrow icon on the right of the path field to select quicker one of the paths, and you're done. This way you can have a quick selection of your preferred save paths.

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    I'm using the same settings (except I don't have "open download panel automatically" active). This is what happens for me:

    1. I download a file, "Save As", and choose a custom location
    2. I download a second file and click "Save" instead of "Save As".
    3. The second file is downloaded to my default location (as expected).

    Try enabling Update Default Location When Choosing Save as Location, and then disabling it again. Maybe the setting is stuck in a limbo or something.

    (I'm using Vivaldi 2.8.1657.8 at the moment, but can't remember having download location issues for a long, long time.)

  • @iAN-CooG
    Thank you. I didn't understand that. So, Vivaldi's "problem" was that it gave me the option of save or save as, so I could get confused.

    If I want to save in the default location, I'll just have to not choose save as and then change my mind and expect the default.

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