Bottom panel improvements to Tab Switcher, Speed Dial, Bookmarks, etc.

  • Hello,

    I have a few suggestions after trying Beta on Android.

    1. Please consider moving the tabs management button somewhere in the middle. Many people hold the phone in the left hand. It will make it easier to reach. It's for those who multitask with many tabs. (many of us do most of the stuff on mobile these days)

    2. Allow tabs to be closed by swiping them in the tab manager window. It's too difficult to close tabs located in the corners with their small X button. Right now swiping switches to the next app tab. As it stands right now, the Beta isn't suited for a serious multitasking.

    3. Some polishing can be done on the panel's UI itself. It can be made shorter, plus an option to permanently pin it so it won't hide when the page is scrolled. Other browsers have this feature. Pinning makes it easier to multitask by doing things such as closing the existing tab or switching to another non-neighboring tab quickly. It's for easier multitasking.

    4. The speed dial and the black rectangle button (panel?) could essentially be the same thing. Bookmarks are a speed dial. The user could replace the dedicated speed dial icon with something more useful at their liking, such as Close This Tab button. It'll make multitasking simpler for them.


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