Make bookmarks shortcuts in address bar work

  • So I synced desktop with mobile (which works great) and then I found that I can not "call" my bookmarks from address bar by their nickname like on desktop - which is sad since I got so used to call some specific sites/pages just by writing three or four letter "code" and pressing enter.

    For me, this is really a killing feature in Vivaldi which makes bookmarks so much more useful and powerful than anywhere else, so I really hope it gets into mobile soon.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi @sirien-neiris,
    Thanks for reporting this issue. We've confirmed this bug and fixing it is already on the dev teams to-do list.

  • @jane-n that is great to hear, thanks.

    (on related note, I was also kinda disappointed that search engine shortcuts do not work - just to find out they are not even synced... just taking this opportunity to do a little lobbying for that feature 😃 )

  • Nicknames are still not working on android, and they are also not available for folders as far as I can see.

    Could you give us an update @jane.n?

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