What I dislike about this Beta.

  • Hi, after using the vivaldi beta browser for Android and although this browser seems very promising, I came up with some few stuff that I dislike. Here is a list of those.

    • "Paste to notes" I find it disturbing that when copying a text in order to paste it in the browser, the first proposition is to paste it to the notes instead of a regular paste.
    • I prefer the regual chrome style of displaying all open tabs at once. Vivaldi's "tabs overview" does not give the same view range as Google's one. Moreover, when closing or adding a tab, the order is changing which is bad for muscle memory.

  • I would add to thisist for now that tabs in both recent card and speed dial shod be sizable a d presented in more rows. Or maybe I can't find this option?

  • I would also add the following suggestions :

    • Can you add a bitwarden password manager integration ?
    • As well as a Google pay integration

  • @antoine-luboz Hello Antoine,
    I would suggest to create dedicated feature requests individually.
    It will be easier for the community to vote for them one by one instead of having one big wishlist that won't allow them to choose for the ones they could find interesting.

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