• I use Bitwarden. It works pretty well with a lot of websites but I have two problems:

    • Bitwarden pop-up doesn't appear with login pages that show only one form field at a time (Amazon, Google, ...). It's like if it doesn't understand it is a login form (on Firefox it works well)
    • With Vivaldi snapshot when I tap the Bitwarden pop-up it doesn't get the website URL (Bitwarden thinks he has to autocomplete an app and not a website). This problem doesn't occur with Vivaldi Beta.

  • @leobel96 said in Lastpass:

    This problem doesn't occur with Vivaldi Beta.

    I believe that BitWarden had to make a change in order to recognize the Vivaldi Beta, when the beta first came out BW had issues working with Vivaldi and I recall something about them releasing a fix. It sounds like they only made that change for the one browser.

    So you probably want to bring this up with them as well.

  • Vivaldi is out of beta now. I'm loving the builtin tracker/ad blocking feature and general performance. The only thing holding me back from using it daily is the broken LastPass integration. On my device it's still reporting "Vivaldi" to LastPass, instead of the site's URL.

  • I found this thread after trying to use Vivaldi for the first time on Android, finding that LastPass doesn't work, and searching for the issue.

    Is there an update on this? Is it a LastPass problem because Vivaldi is too new for them to provide support? Or is it a Vivaldi problem in that it just doesn't work with LastPass? I suspect the latter since Chrome, Brave (Chromium), and Firefox on Android all work with LastPass.

    Either way this issue means I can't use Vivaldi on my phone as I'm dependent on LastPass integration for passwords.

  • RoboForm have some problem recognizing the url. It does detect the name and password fields in the page, but can't detect the page url... I must scroll through all my logins to find the right one.

    That should be correct because I tried a lot of passwords managers and browsers on Android, but only Vivaldi is behaving like that.

  • I have the same issue. I tried Vivaldi on Android and windows about a year ago and abandoned it because of this. With the big relaunch and updates lately I decided to try again and am disappointed to find this isn't solved. I can't use the browser on my phone if it doesn't support auto fill and url detection properly with LastPass and I probably won't use it on my desktop if I can't use it on Android as well.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @team I notice the tag "in progress". If there is something ready for testing, then please feel free to contact me. I'm using Bitwarden (bèta) and KeePassDX together with Vivaldi snapshot.

  • Vivaldi Team

    We've reached out to many password managers. Currently we're working together with 1Password devs and changes are made on both sides. Hopefully the changes we do on our side will work for more password managers than just 1Password.

    But there indeed is something you could test for us @S_Paternotte.
    In Android Settings, go to Language & Input > Autofill and set it to None or add Vivaldi.
    Then go to Android's Accessibility Settings and enable your password manager.
    This should work with Bitwarden and 1Password.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    On my phone I've got:

    • Autofill service enabled for KeePassDX, which works for the DuckDuckGo browser
    • Accessibility service enabled for Bitwarden, which works with Vivaldi Snapshot

    Other test conditions:

    • Autofill service enabled for Bitwarden does not function
    • The maker of KeePassDX rightfully refuses to implement the fallback route via the Accessibility service as browsers should make sure their Autofill sefvice should be made functional. (This includes Chrome)

  • @jane-n said in Lastpass:

    Then go to Android's Accessibility Settings and enable your password manager

    I'm running Enpass and doing the above has enabled autofill to work better, but in order for it to work I still have to enable the keyboard feature in Enpass.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @jane-n if there is anything that we can do to assist you and the team in solving this, then please let me know

  • Was bummed to see that this didn't make the cut in latest Android update. Without LastPass, I can't make this my main mobile browser.

  • This is getting very annoying.

  • New Vivaldi and looooong time LastPass user checking in. Like to many others here, its crucial to me to use LastPass on Android with my main browser.
    Would love to see it implemented soon, I cannot use Vivaldi as a main browser like this for too much.

  • Same here, new Vivaldi and long time Lastpass user. I would love to switch to Vivaldi on desktop and mobile, I really love it. But without Lastpass support I'll have to stick to Chrome.

  • Now I use Sticky Password, the only one that works for me on Android 9, I have previously tried Lastpass, Bitwarden and Zoho vault, none of these have worked.

  • I would love to hear an update on this as they have been in process for a while now.

    I really enjoy the browser on my phone and tablet, but without LastPass it can't be my default browser there.

  • @anyveldt Vivaldi doesn't speculate on release dates. If something is marked as in progress, it's being worked on. There's a ton of stuff to do and very limited resources to do it with. That's pretty much the best update you can expect, only in rare instances or when something is nearly ready for release can you get detailed specifics. But it's in progress, so it is a priority relative to the numerous things that aren't. Vivaldi users get to practice developing their patience. For my part, I've always found my patience to be rewarded.

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