• Is there a reason that lastpass (which on Android is not so much an extention but a tool that 'can draw over other apps') cannot locate any password when you want to use it in the new vivaldi? It says 'we were unable to find any mathcing sites', meaning for some reason it does not know what domain it should query it's database for. Is that because of security?

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    @donlexos I don't use lastpass, but it sounds like they're trying to match the open URL to one in a database.

    It's possible that lastpass doesn't know how to get the current URL from vivaldi.

    Given that vivaldi has just released, Lastpass may need to update. I would suggest contacting their help page - they may be able to explain this better.

  • @LonM Ah thank you for the quick reply. Must indeed be something allong these lines, I figured since it's both chronium it could've worked out of the box 🙂 I will check the LastPass support.

  • Hey, just installed the vivaldi beta and this was also the first thing I tried. I don't know any of my passwords, they are all random and managed by lastpass so it's a requirement for me.

    The Chrome and Brave browser apps are able to read the current site URL properly to find the password and then auto fill the login fields on the form.

    From what I understand there are two parts: The reading of the current site, and then the autofilling of the username and password in the form. Currently neither seem to be working. Even if I manually search out a password, instead of filling the form it put my username in the URL bar and did a web search with it.

  • Just wanted to chime in that this is the first thing that jumped out at me, as well. Can't wait to try Vivaldi mobile, but it's really a non-starter for me until this is working.

  • @LonM As a Chromium based browser, I'd have expected LastPass to have no issues with this... It works with Brave (and Firefox, even) out of the box.

    We will surely provide feedback to LastPass about this, but would love it if Vivaldi team could also check what kind of hooks / etc, are preventing password managers from working with Vivaldi. It's kind of a deal breaker for us password-manager-users 🙂

    P.S. The LastPass Chrome extension works fine on Vivaldi Desktop.

  • In addition, using the manual fill override (by searching for an entry) it seems to fill into the address bar.

    I suppose vivaldi does not support the android autofill API yet?

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    The issues with LastPass are in the bug tracker, and the team is aware and investigating these issues. Thanks for your reports on it.

  • Have similar issue with Remembear

  • The same with Bitwarden. Doesn't recognize that I'm being asked for passwords. So definitely this is common issue that browser do not present to OS any trigger for password verification as other browsers. But keep going we all rather here waited for Vivaldi Android. First step. Bravo.

  • The same with 1PASSWORD on Android Q. Maybe, there is a general problem for all password manager?

  • Came here to post what others have already said. My issue is specifically with Lastpass. I really want to use Vivaldi cross-platform, but Lastpass compatibility is a must. I will post on the Lastpass forums as well, though.

  • Same issue with Enpass, I think it's the same for every password manager...

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    I've been testing Vivaldi for android a bit longer together with Bitwarden and have noticed too that BW would not pop up to suggest filing the entries.
    It appears to be related to how Vivaldi presents the url to the system as androidapp://com.vivaldi.browser.
    I've been updating my BW database accordingly with an additional URI for each login entry.
    Now BW does recognise that a login page is opened by Vivaldi and offers to fill it, but I have to select the right item from a looong list.

  • Vote from me too for supporting Lastpass, or generally password managers (1password exist too etc), however that is technically achieved. Indeed currently Vivaldi does not seem to support this properly, or at all. Vivaldi is seen as normal application, and Lastpass can autofill some things, but LP then has no idea about anything that Vivaldi is really showing, it will only try match Vivaldi the program allways, as LP does have app autofill feature.

    ADD: This could theoretically be LP issue too, but I'm inclined to think it is not, as there is specifically android system support for using this sort of things, which LP and 1PW does use too.

  • I was also excited to give vivaldi mobile a try, but without lastpass working I'll have to wait it out.

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    @S_Paternotte I've filed a bug report: VB-57572

  • @S_Paternotte Can you share exactly how you set up each entry? Are you simply adding "androidapp://com.vivaldi.browser" as the URL's to your sites?

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    @534N yes, that's what each item got as an additional URI entry (in my Bitwarden vault)

    Let me explain how they got there.

    1. Vivaldi opens a webpage with a known login, but my password manager Bitwarden does not react.
    2. I manually open Bitwarden, search for the login credentials and copy the username
    3. I switch back to Vivaldi and paste the username.
    4. I switch back to Bitwarden to copy the password.
    5. And paste it in Vivaldi.
    6. Around this point Bitwarden does recognise that login fields are being filled and offers to keep these. I respond with: yes, fill and remember.
    7. From that point the login item in the vault has this extra URI androidapp://com.vivaldi.browser

    I assume one could also manually add this additional URI to each database item. It's worth a try.

  • I use 1password and even that doesn't seem to work with Vivaldi password prompts on android 10. Firefox seems to work properly though. So I wonder if it's a problem with Vivaldi or 1password

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