A few cool Cinnamon themes

  • Hi folks, as I'm on Linux Mint 19.1 (Cinnamon) I was looking for something good that change the Vivaldi toolbars menu's because the background remains white despite all the rest is dark (also the old system theme were dark). Of course many themes do it this but I want to suggest the Cinnamox ones which are quite cool. I'm actually using the Cinnamox-Heather.
    These themes are easily to find in Settings-Themes-Add/Remove GUI. Below a small screenshot.

    Vivaldi - Cinnamox-Heather theme (1).png

    Finally I got not-white menu background 😛

  • @Marko-Indaco I always loved the things that can be done on Linux UI/DE 😛
    (Even if it is still too "bright" for my standards ^^)

  • I guess you are using a white-ish Cinnamon theme?

    I ask this, because, I am using Qogir-Dark (https://github.com/vinceliuice/Qogir-theme), and with that my Vivaldi looks like this:


    I am on Cinnamon as well (Manjaro).

  • @Sojiro84 Lucky you, I'm using Vimix-*-Dark-*, but I have the menus still white. But with HighContrastInverse they were black 😛

    Herbstluftwm, Manjaro

    Edit: I should sometimes look at GitHub for updates, now it's OK again.

  • Hi @Sojiro84 , thank you for post. I don't know if Manjaro acts different from Mint, but, for what I can say (I'm noob with Linux) I notice that the Menu Bar in Vivladi remains white. I suppose if how DE in Linux act. Anyway I had already tried to change the theme within dark one in Cinnamon, but Vivaldi Menu Bar still remains white. Well, thanks to Cinnamox ones I finally have the Menu Bar dark or at least with a color that follow the theme. I guess it's because Cinnamox themes are writed very well, rather than others that are good, but not accuratley coded.
    Yes, it's possible to change Menu Bar in Vivaldi if you (and that's the problem, at least for me) changes also (mandatory) the "Windows borders" in Themes Settings. But this change many aspect of the CInnamon GUI. With Cinnamox I don't be forced to change that parameter. The only thing that I change with Cinammox theme is the "Controls" settings (by choosing Cinnamox-Heater), and that is the settings that change color to Menu Bar.

  • You might be able to achieve this with some custom CSS, rather than relying on external tools. If so, you'd be able to handle the windows borders separately as well. One benefit of having the mod self-contained is that you aren't changing menus globally, if you choose to use another DE theme it won't effect Vivaldi. Also, you can make all your Vivaldi UI changes in one place, just makes future changes easier. Custom CSS is way more powerful than the themes settings.

  • @Marko-Indaco That is true. My Qogir theme also had a update once where the the right-click was white.

    After the maker of the theme did a update regarding Chrome browsers, all is well again.

    So themes do also need to implement special code for browsers.

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