Associate Theme with OS dark mode/light mode

  • Currently macOS, Windows and some Linux distributions support system wide dark mode. In this mode default apps and some third party apps automatically switch to dark themes. Examples of such third party apps - Chrome, Firefox and Telegram.

    I would like that Vivaldi also automatically switched to selected dark theme when OS is switched to the dark mode. And respectively switch back to selected light theme when light mode is applied in the OS. Because it's much easier to switch theme only in system preferences rather in each app separately. I use dark mode frequently because I have to frequently work over night.

    This feature could be optional because some people might not want it.

    Configuration of this feature could be similar to the theme schedule. Add a new ckecbox "enable OS dark mode support" and when it is checked, the schedule checkbox will be automatically turned off and all themes will be deselected in the theme list. Then 2 new dropdowns will be enabled: "theme for light mode" and "theme for dark mode". In those dropdowns users will be able to select their preferred themes for light and dark mode.

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    Clarification for what this theme is asking for:

    Choose a Vivaldi theme to associate with the OS Dark/Light theme.

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  • Yes!
    That is really nice feature request. Firefox has addon for this called automaticDark - Time-Based Theme Changer which changes theme not only time based mode, but also geolocation.
    With another one (also available for Chrome) named Dark Reader combined, makes browsing really powerful.
    I used dark theming (by css / addons / themes) globally and because of some drawbacks of this young software/techniques... I stopped.
    After a year break I gave one more shot to those extensions I mentioned and now clearly see it is worth trying. I am more focused, can work longer and more comfortable. My machine doesn't blind me anymore! 😵 > 😎

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