Google's 'secret web tracking pages' explained

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    For some reason I use Brave on my mobile, at least while Vivaldi mobile is finished. And of course I don't use Google as a search engine.But even so I do not have great illusions of obtaining a perfect privacy, only to hinder the work of the too curious with this joke of "improving the user experience" that always allege as a reason for their intrusion.

  • BBC publishing an article about how other firms are "evil" is funny.
    Anyway, I don't have any problems with Google knowing my browsing interests, I'm quite ok with finding my previous searches made on PC also on my phone without having to remember what I searched at home, which episodes I watched and which I need to watch now. And so on.
    Then everyone is free to wear their tinfoil hats.

  • Google's reply is just typical of corporate gobbledygook:

    "We do not serve personalised ads or send bid requests to bidders without user consent,"

    Yeah right - and by the way all users have automatically consented to this when accepting the EULA to use their service. And 99.9% of users won't have a clue how to find the setting to turn it off in the labyrinth of pages and obscure knobs to toggle Google calls "privacy settings". And who knows if they actually respect it even if done...

    We all know these big corporations track us and sell on the information, whether it's Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Uber etc etc. The clue is to just quit them as soon as possible, even if it will might be painful at first to be without our beloved "social networks". They've all turned into stinking cesspits of hate, ignorance and stupidity anyway, so shouldn't be that much of a loss...

    I've stayed away from most but unfortunately I'm still heavily vested into Google's services. Choose yer poison I guess 😜

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    @iAN-CooG Perhaps you should read the article more thoroughly.
    The issue is not about Google knowing where you visit. They get that more easily in other ways.
    This is the profiling people for 3rd parties to make use of.
    Fine, you agree to google knowing where you visit, but are you OK with Tom, Dick and Harry buying far more personal info about you ?

    It is no different to FB scraping info to be made available to Equifax.
    People said they don't mind FB having lots of personal info, up til they realised all that info can be bought by anyone, and used in ways they never imagined.

  • @Dr-Flay said in Google's 'secret web tracking pages' explained:

    are you OK with Tom, Dick and Harry buying far more personal info about you

    I don't have any economic loss if they do so, if anything, they are just profiling which ads I might be interested in. All they know about "me" is that from this IP I visit some site and do some searches.
    Too bad for them, I block all ads with uBlock Origin, they can try all they want but I don't even see the ads they're trying to feed me.
    I really don't know what people have to fear if they gather statistics on what I visit. Quoting the article: "That data was not seen by him but could have included information about age and gender, habits, social media usage, ethnicity or political affiliation, he said."
    And who cares? Only people that HAVE something to hide. They better not use the internet. I don't fear anyone who knows my age and gender, why should I? You can even see my age on my profile here. Now tell me, that it's a google problem? Or it's Vivaldi that shouldn't allow me to tell others which is my birthdate? Because it's a "sensitive info"? Of course I can tell you a secret: I don't use my birthdate as a PIN/Password, who does it's just an idiot and DESERVE to be ripped off if he does 😃

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