Add a "Resolved" button to posts

  • Due to the fact tags have been removed from the forum (Decluttering tags), it might be interesting to add :

    • or a Resolved button for the post owner (which will just add the nice green Resolved tag under the post)
    • or the possibility to only add the Resolved tag

    This in order for the users to signify that the issue they had is resolved and also to prevent moderators, who are volunteers, to receive too many requests from the users on a daily basis.

    I don't know if it is worth to do so but the question can be asked by putting into the balance a comparison between the cost of such a (quick?) development and the cost for the moderators/users ("pinging" the moderators, waiting for an answer, discussing, communication issue, etc.).

  • @Ornorm said in Add a "Resolved" button to posts:

    development and the cost for the moderators

    Moderators have doing that simple operation for a quite long time, not by request which, I believe one ping won't add an extra task and quickly replied. The online moderators here. No. member list only.

    Edited: removed the reply from the quote area.

  • Community Manager

    @Ornorm I like your request and I'll see what I can do to make it happen. It will take me some time to do it as the admin interface is tricky to use when updating so many categories. 🙂

  • @gaelle Hello Gaëlle,
    by coincidence, I discovered that it was still possible to add tags in different sections of the forum (I didn't verify all of them but found some) :

    • Blogging platform


    • Vivaldi on the Web


    • Customizations & Extensions


    But, the most interesting part, in my opinion, was the one I found under the French Local Forum (only when creating a topic from the parent section of it). I saw that only a reduced list of tags was available. This might be the desired solution (I remember some were complaining about the "tags mess" (more than 2,000) that needed to be cleaned up regularly).
    If this exists under the French Local Forum (not found under other local forums - I checked most of them), could it be deployed easily across the rest of the forum?
    What do you think?


  • Moderator

    @Ornorm I've occasionally seen this myself - I'm not sure how to reproduce that menu but to me that seems like the most useful tool.

  • Strangely, the Vivaldi for Android forum has no way to add tags.

  • @Ornorm That sounds nice, but it'd be good to have at least someone (mods and higher) who can add new tags.

  • Moderator

  • @potmeklecbohdan Yes, it could be something to take into account as well. I wanted to add this to my post but I thought, let's do it step by step...
    Indeed, that idea is interesting as well but would mean a true collaboration and organisation among the moderators and this can take more time to be fully and smoothly implemented.
    Starting with a few (at least the Resolved one which is really missing and, in my opinion, pollutes the interactions we have with the moderators) might be a nice first step.
    Wait and see... 🤞

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