Turbo anyone?

  • @pewm-pewm said in Turbo anyone?:

    popout video, and chrome pdf

    I'm not sure what you mean about popout video, but Vivaldi definitely has the Chromium PDF viewer. I view PDFs in Vivaldi all the time.

  • @Isildur Popout video is a very popular feature in opera that allows you to create small video only windows that will stay on top of everything else. I know it has chromium pdf viewer, but I said chrome pdf viewer. I can view pdfs; what I really meant was probably google cloud print, as @dLeon said above. But I definitely do agree that bookmark sync needs to be added in. Also, one more thing I forgot to mention: built-in search by image functionality like in chrome. I don't know how. Maybe just code it so it automatically copies the image URL and then searches it in whichever search engine you set to be the default for images.
    And although I would LOVE to see bookmark sync first, I understand that Vivaldi doesn't have the kind of money to spend on servers for our bookmarks at the moment, but they could at least work on some other cool features like popout video.

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    @pewm-pewm: We're closer to sync than you imagine, I think. And some people's kewl features (popout video) are other people's (my, for instance) useless gimmicks. It set my teeth on edge when Opera first released their version, and the mention of it still does.

  • @Regnas

    I live in a "third world country" (with a normal internet speed) and I have tried the latest Opera 64-bit version with Turbo activated.
    Don't bother with it, unless you live in a real third world country with extremely slow internet maybe.
    Vivaldi is faster than Opera in Turbo mode.

  • @Dietrich

    Yeah, my internet is very slow and expensive ($100 month for 256kps) so turbo is a must for me.... Opera and Yandex are my two go to browsers because of this...

  • I also want to have turbo on Vivaldi T_T

    my internet provider is really greedy when it comes to quota internet.

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    Vivaldi browser getting a data-compression software and servers will take some months.
    I guess that the costs for increased traffic have to be considered, there must be some extra funding for this.

  • @gwen-dragon I see, too bad. I'll wait until data saver/turbo will be implemented in Vivaldi then!
    thanks for the reply.

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    @nearbaskara said in Turbo anyone?:

    until data saver/turbo will be implemented

    It will come, i hope mid next year. As i remember It is in the planning pipeline.

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    With normal connections the Turbo function is not worth much today, but it can be an optional feature for slow connections, as I also had for some time living in a small town with a 3G connection with a paleolithic speed.
    Then I was very grateful for this function that Opera had.

  • So, 3 years after topic started and 12 months since last reply... Maybe it's time for Turbo?
    You know, Vivaldi know is now feature-rich fast and cool browser being stable and very attractive to use... But I still am forced to use Opera just because of this. I'd threw Opera to trash can without thinking twice if I'll have Turbo feature on better browser and Vivaldi IS better browser having everything else I'd like browser to have...

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    @Hirumo Are you offering to buy the compression servers and set them up around the world? After all, that is the infrastructure required for turbo. Or maybe you have a few mil to drop to set it up on leased servers in the Amazon cloud. That might work.

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    @Hirumo I can understand you, but for such Turbo (compression) Feature a larger server infractructure is needed and has to be financed.
    There is no timeline yet.

  • @Hirumo You can vote for the feature request.

    Turbo Data Saver / Data Compressor, but look for other solutions as it might be a long time before we see this.

  • @Hirumo
    Opera is going to drop Turbo in v59. The reason behind this decision is the growing number of websites using encrypted connection (https). The Turbo servers need to transform the site's data to be able to compress its size, but it can't be done if the data is encrypted.

  • Thanks for answers, everyone!

    Last reply is worrying, though. Web going for security where it is needed or not is already getting slower and slower if it'll lead for dropping compression completely than it's even more sad.
    Guess only caching and blocking would be left to help.

  • @Hirumo
    Your points are valid, but security must be a top priority. Data compression and faster page loading can be achieved several ways though, but it should not be the duty of browser vendors. Turbo was a nice feature in its days, but it only worked, because only a small fraction of peopled used Opera and Turbo as well. Imagine how many resources would it take on the server side to offer the same service for hundreds of millions of users.


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