site does not work {Outlook Web App}

  • I used to have access to webmail at
    but not any more, works in IE, does not load site in vivaldi.

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  • @sahands Hello sahands, could you please provide more details about the issue you're facing (do you get an error message? something else? at which stage?)
    I could go to the site without any problem but your issue maybe come after the login.
    In addition to that, could you please provide more information about the OS you're using, the Vivaldi version and the extensions you use?
    This will give you more chance to have appropriate feedback from the community.

  • I just get an error page:
    This page isn’t didn’t send any data.

    Vivaldi 2.7.1628.30 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    win 10
    tried site in incognito mode with no extensions, still does not work!

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    Hello there,

    Vivaldi opens only the first link which loads the login page.
    The second link does not open.
    I believe the issue lies on your setup. The domain has changed ou update upfated, you should check it as well.
    That's not Vivaldi issue.

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  • this is all I get

  • @sahands Try opening DevTools (Tools Menu / Ctrl+Shift+I), reload page and see what you find in the Network tab.

    Make sure you are accepting cookies from the domain (Green padlock icon > Cookies).

    You already checked all extensions, but also make sure you are not running any VPN (or Anti-Virus solution with VPN).

    This error could happen if AV has blocked the site, try temporarily disabling it and see if it helps.

    Also try some of these possible solutions:

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    @sahands The address above loads the page. Unfortunately, it's not Vivaldi issue. Your server changed/updated, please, contact the support

    @Pathduck Thx. Not Vivaldi relatated. You open the web, dont't you?

  • It's definitely a vivaldi issue, I can open the page just fine in IE and firefox!

    I reset the site setting, there are no cookies blocked, I'm not on VPN.


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    No need to add any screenshot, I do believe you are having the issue. Please, report a bug, you will be given a number (VB-xxxxxx), post here for our follow up.

  • @sahands For your information, I found those different fixes that you might find helpful : How to Fix ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Error on Google Chrome
    It's "on Google Chrome" but because Vivaldi is built on Chromium, the same fixes should work.
    It doesn't seem to be due to Vivaldi itself because, as mentioned before, I could go to the login page without any problem.
    I hope this will help you fix the issue you're facing 🤞

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    @Ornorm Thanks for your commitment to Vivaldi.

  • went through everything, still nothing works, annoying!
    Filled a bug report 😞

  • @sahands Good you posted a bug report - hopefully someone at Vivaldi will have a look at it.

    If you want to dig further and not wait there are other things still to check.

    Since you've gone through the guide from @Ornorm as well as the one I posted above, I can assume you are also able to do a DNS lookup of the site IP. Do you get the same result as below when looking up the IP of, it should be

    > nslookup
    Server:  UnKnown
    Non-authoritative answer:

    In the Devtools after getting the error, click on the first (and only) request line logon.aspx, and look at the details. Since ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE means you got zero data from the server, there will not be any response, but the client headers can still give some clues.

    For instance the Remote Address tells us what IP and port the browser tries to access:

    Request URL:
    Request Method: GET
    Status Code: 200 OK
    Remote Address:
    Referrer Policy: no-referrer-when-downgrade

    Click on "View Source" on all the headers bits and paste the results here.

    To make sure you have no proxy or VPN interfering, open Win10 Settings, and search for "Change proxy settings". It should be set to:

    Automatically detect settings = On
    Use Setup Script = Off
    Use a proxy server = Off

    Or from the command line:

    > netsh winhttp show proxy
    Current WinHTTP proxy settings:
        Direct access (no proxy server).

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    @sahands said in site does not work {Outlook Web App}:

    Filled a bug report

    Thank you.
    Can you post the bug number (VB-xxxxxxx)? We'd like to follow up.

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  • Thanks to everyone for helping, I figured it out! for some stupid reason my BD antivirus was blocking the site, but only when being used in vivaldi and not other browsers. I had not noticed since there was no notification from the AV. I was going through the steps by @Pathduck when I retried it in vivaldi and suddenly got an alert from my AV.
    So yeah, stupid reason, but got it resolved 🙂

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    Glad to know you solved your setup and got Vivaldi Browser working. I will tag the topic as resolved.

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