Mac Vivaldi issues - Pop-ups, Javascript, Bookmarks Bar

  • Hi there, I'm new here but using Vivaldi on the side for a while. I really like it but I'm going to highlight things I find on MAC. I'm using a MAC running 10.10.4 Yosemite First one is the POP-UPs! Where do they go? Nowhere. I try to again to open the link, it tells me it's already open, but it still does not appear anywhere. Second one is executing javascript in the browser. It just does not work. You should be able to cut and paste javascript:/some javascript code here/;void(0); in a browser and it just works. It does not. Third one is Bookmarks Bar. If you reference a folder that is top level in your bookmarks folder, it wipes it upon browser restart (well did for me) :dry: Appreciate any thoughts on the first two points, as they are the main ones stopping me from using this as my main browser.

  • Bookmarklets aren't supported yet, and bookmarks handling is clumsy atm. I'm waiting for improvements too 🙂
    About the popups, check if you have any sort of popup blocker running, also check if java plugin is enabled in vivaldi://plugins. You can test popups here

  • :cheer:

    Hi Luetag, thanks very much. That pop-up test site was great and it was the blocker up in the browser, it must be a default in Vivaldi as I didn't turn it on. But that is great, I need pop-up's for my work so this just what I needed.

    If you or an other "Vivaldians" have thoughts on the javascript, that would be great.

  • As said, javascript/bookmarklets don't work up to this version. No idea when it's coming. There exist several threads about this issue.


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