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BUG: When opening many tabs at once, the order of the tabs is not properly preserved...

  • @Ayespy

    so far, this topic has 21 posts--but that doesn't equal the number of confirmed cases, which so far is 4 upvotes +1 by the first post. that is what i mean when i said "not every reply is counted as a separate confirmed case, so that is why it is important to add an upvote to the first post to help give a quick overview of the number of confirmed cases in the topic".

    anyways, your opinion may differ. but i explained this well enough already, and it is all i have time for.

  • Moderator

    @TsunamiZ As I work within this system and observe how it works up close, in person, first-hand, I speak from knowledge rather than opinion. I don't have an "opinion" on this. Just thought I would clarify that.

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