Why only Vivaldi breaks HTML words instead of a straight line.

  • My example code works fine in all other browsers except Vivaldi even tho it uses Chromium.

    https://jsfiddle.net/saudiqbal/v6nkz5wb/5/ Hit the RUN button to execute the code.

    I see a complete popup bar in all the browsers except Vivaldi which breaks the line into multiple lines.

  • Can you specify a window size somehow? I guess that would help.
    Other than that, please see below that should work everywhere.

    text: "Quick brown fox jumps right over the lazy dog.",

  • I could use that code but all the other browsers works fine except Vivaldi which is built on Chromium.

  • I have tried the code with old IE and there is no break (yet). My assumption is, that there is a default window size somehow and that is taken. Why it doesn't only work with Vivaldi as one would expect, I don't know. As I am working mostly with Mainframe Computers I have no further detail knowledge unfortunately.

    Have you tried to use the Debugger to see the defaults used? That could give some clue.

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    @saudiqbal I can confirm the issue using the default code.
    Now if I add @kahukura "string", works like a charm.

  • When you view the code there is some interception by fiddle. It could be related.

        // tell the embed parent frame the height of the content
        if (window.parent && window.parent.parent){
          window.parent.parent.postMessage(["resultsFrame", {
            height: document.body.getBoundingClientRect().height,
            slug: ""
          }], "*")
        // always overwrite window.name, in case users try to set it manually
        window.name = "result"

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    Chrome 76 and Vivaldi 2.7 break the sentence on word boundaries. Both have the same results.
    And Word breaking depends on frame size with this JS lib.

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    Vivaldi 2.6.1581.5:

    Vivaldi 2.7.1628.28:

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    In FullScreen (F11) the popup is often shown horizontal like in 2.6, but sometimes after reloads smaller like in 2.7.

    //EDIT: In regular window Vivaldi 2.8, Opera 63 and Chromium 78.0.3866.0 act same after reloads. Small popup, sometimes the wider one.

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    It works fine on latest Stable only on one condition: to use our friend @kahukura solution.

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