Restore Tab Shortcuts Not Working and Overheating (High CPU Usage)

  • I just installed Vivaldi to give it a go. On OSX Mountain Lion and Vivaldi The settings have Command-Z and Command-Shift-T (like most browsers) as the "restore tab" shortcuts but neither work. I tried deleting and remapping and restoring defaults without any change. The other shortcuts I have tried seem to work. Also...I am running about 10 degrees C hotter than normal and Vivaldi seems to use a lot of CPU compared to Chrome and Firefox. Any solutions for either?

  • I just signed up for the forum and posted the above post. Yet now it is showing up as posted by existing member "sunvolkner". What is going on?

  • Hi, I have no idea what's going on with your account, but in regard to the trouble you're having with the browser: try updating to latest snapshot. As it seems yours is a few versions behind.

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