• #D #D2014 #WaveofAction WO#D — WorldOpenHashDesign is a World Wide Hashtag Campaign for the crowdsourcing of a WorldOpen #MeshNetwork via Hashtag-Design partecipation process starting on existing Social Media to unify the efforts of the Human People and Organizations dedicated to the WorldOpen #Transition. To focus and direct a global collective #Transition Agenda. To share human connections, knowledge and resources freely and safely and start a New Life supported by the WorldOpen #Transition Community. To unite us, to empower us. WO#D Manifesto - https://medium.com/p/6438d463bcc2 [attachment=141]WODCOLORS_2014-03-26.png[/attachment] [attachment=142]WOECOMony1.jpg[/attachment] Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/8291/WODCOLORS_2014-03-26.png[/img],[img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/8291/WOECOMony1.jpg[/img]

  • Vivaldi Translator

    How about a campaign for punctuation and grammar ?
    I have read this post several times, and have no idea what it is.
    It looks like an explosion in a scrabble factory.
    Is this post even legitimate ?

  • But what if I don't want to be united or empowered. There are a lot of phrases that scare me though "global collective". I want no part of anything either collective or global.

  • Was originally "World Open Holy Design" before he/they edited it - if that helps you any. My guess is it's one of those Singularity things.

  • Well, it's not one of those singularity things.
    If you see a grammar mistake please inform.
    My point is we need a global collective effort or the whole specie will go to war or worse really soon, and even the nasa agrees these days -http://www.theguardian.com/environment/earth-insight/2014/mar/14/nasa-civilisation-irreversible-collapse-study-scientists
    My point is the UN is flawed and the money and cultural system too.
    We are going through an important phase for humanity, i'm not a prophet, but I'm sick of people just doing their little thing every fucking day as the future of everybody's children go to waste. I'm proposing simple integral alternatives, names and everyhing else is open to discuss, check p2pfoundation if you're interested in some theoretical background.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Thankyou for the clarification.
    Perhaps an admin can move this thread to somewhere more appropriate.

    Try putting some spaces between your sentences.
    Your first "sentence" seems to be half of what you typed.
    Without punctuation or new-lines, it messes with any sense of context.

    Don't start sentences with the word "To", unless you prefixed it with an open first half of a sentence.
    You can signify the break to a list of items with a semi-colon ";"

    This section or the forum is for nerd/geek acronyms, pontificating on the nature of the interconnectedness of the digital universe.
    Rather than socio-political acronyms, pontificating on the nature of the interconnectedness of our human bull-sh*t.

    BTW. A little tip for "polite" swearing. A little self-censoring (as I just did) will allow you to convey the passion in your words, without offending.
    I would also suggest you add an English dictionary to your browser.

    I understand English may not be your native language, so please treat this as help rather than criticism.
    My only criticism is that you posted in the wrong section 😉

  • I don't believe the human species is worth saving. We are a flawed model.

  • this is what we made ourselves believe, the original sin and everything.
    we are so sick of ourselves in front of our own eyes.
    Things are changing, they always did. But things also accellerate, and when they do, it's good thing to be ready surf the wave. We're not a flawed species. But you think it's a joke, to post it on wall. Who gives a shit? Why bother?It's not worth it.. It's a shame the most intelligent of us the end up in this sort of nihilism.
    but you dont know what you're talking about. There's been some amazing humans. and there always will be. f*ck those that want us dead. and i'm not taking it personal man, just think a sec.
    how does this not involve us all? how are we not brothers? how is we don't understand?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Just because something is flawed (and yes we all are), does not mean it is not worth saving or fixing (unless it is google chrome).

    In principal the UN was a great idea, but just like any government it is immediately corrupted by the ability to use diplomatic immunity.
    Under any regime or government, diplomatic immunity only has 1 purpose. To hide criminal activity.
    Those who are doing nothing wrong, do not need immunity from prosecution.

    I feel blessed to have been born in rural Cornwall, and brought up being able to grow and hunt my own food.
    I would rather not have to gut and skin animals, but I can easily survive if civilization actually collapsed.
    It does not mean I think that time will come soon (or at least not how people think it will).
    Any end of our civilization will be long and drawn-out, with lots of denials and blaming, and pointing of fingers.
    As no government or country will ever "man-up" and say "Sorry, it was us".

    …I also still think that this thread is in the wrong section, and would be seen by the correct people if it was with the other philosophical topics.
    This section gets visited by people interested in web technology.

    Thanks for censoring yourself Federico, but you still need to keep cool if you want to engage in conversation, or it will just degenerate into arguments and you will just make yourself angry.

  • I am not joking! ! !
    Species die out all the time and new species replace them. I hope it is our turn soon. It is the whole species of human that is defective.
    We are now, to a large degree, making decisions based on feelings rather than logic. And we get a feelings based decision. Everyone wants to feel good so they enesthitize ( sorry can't spell that word)themselves with drugs and alcohol.
    We kill babies in the womb and call it women's rights. But yet many don't like capital punishment. I guess killing an adult is unpleasant, it makes us not feel good.
    The end will come because of some sort of virus let loose intentionally or unintentionally. That virus will have enough gestation time to spread everywhere but will kill slowly for maximum effect. That is the end as I see it.
    Humankind is not the crown of creation, he likes to feel he is but he is not.
    Enough of the rant. I am going to take a nap one of the few things I do really well.

  • #WOHW - https://medium.com/p/7c6c780768c9
    #WOHHProtocol standard — Crowdsource a WorldOpen HyperHash Protocol

  • Hmmm? I am not sure what this is about exactly.World Open Transition for what?

  • Amen! And, dear Ms. and Mr. Public please read what you write before submitting for publication!

  • There can be global cooperation but collective? That can leave a wide open path for totalitarian government and domination. Do we really want that?

  • Yes but is human logic or logic for that matter always accurate. Any logic human or otherwise is based on the then accessed and available information.

  • enesthitize anesthetize is correct spelling. This portion of the site has automatic spell checker in the Opera browser. The red line underneath the word will give correct spelling if you right click on the word after you have highlighted it. However sometimes in English there may not always be accuracy with spell check.


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