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  • By pressing the middle mouse button (wheel) on a link, I would like to see the link opening in a new background tab. This is true for all the links in a site or the speed dial links but not for the links stored in the bookmarks panel or in the bookmarks bar. Instead (and only for the bookmarks panel BUT NOT for the bookmarks bar) there is the context menu selection 'open in new tab'. Will you fix this?

  • The middle klick on bookmarks and speed dial is fixed since some versions.

    Be sure to install the latest from the vivaldi blog page.

  • My version (the latest). Middle click working on speed dial, not on bookmarks side panel or bookmarks bar. On bookmarks bar, in particular, there is no context menu to open a bookmark in new tab!

  • You're still on TP4, which is several versions behind the latest snapshot. This bug was fixed in the snapshots. The latest version is

    Follow the developers' blog to keep up with the snapshots.

  • Thanks for your time!
    I just installed v. and yes, the bookmarks side panel middle click has been solved, BUT NOT the respective click in the bookmarks bar!

  • Still the same behaviour in the Beta. Please fix soon. 🙂

  • Using 1.0.303.52 (Beta) (32-bit) (windows 7 64 bit)
    Middle click opens link in bookmarks, bookmark bar and also speed dial works for me here :whistle: (im using vivaldi defaults)

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    Works here on 32-bit Lubuntu and on 64-bit Win 10, Viv 32.

  • Then it must be a Windows 8/8.1 specific issue because it doesn't work properly here. Middle click in the bookmark pannel opens a new tab correctly, but for the bar it doesn't work.

    Actually let me clarify…

    Middle click on the bookmarks bar works fine IF the bookmark is directly on it. However, it doesn't work if a bookmark is inside a folder on bookmark bar. I do have multiple folders in the bookmark bar that contain multiple bookmarks each, and middle click does nothing. Right click acts as left click.

    Also, there is no option to manually add a new folder in the bookmarks bar directly, and the icons are not being refreshed/updated when I open them.

    I really want to ditch Opera for Vivaldi but it I need the middle click in the bookmarks folders in the bookmarks bar.

  • It's not a killer for me but I would like to be able to middle click the reload button and open a reloaded version of the same page in a background tab (while keeping the old version in the original tab). Some browsers have this and it's surprising that there's use for it, but sometimes it's useful.

    Same for middle clicking the back button, useful for quickly checking the previous page without leaving the latest page.


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