When clicking on link, one letter of text is selected.

  • Hello, I started using Vivaldi and encountered strange bug. Sometimes when I click on text link, one letter of text is automatically selected. Not moving mouse and only in Vivaldi, other browsers Chrome, Firefox are ok.
    I recorded screen, describing this problem: https://streamable.com/we15i

  • @StarBajt I have seen this issue more frequently in recent versions. It is a known issue.

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    Yes, that happens often in my daily work.
    The threshold for drag is to high in Vivaldi. 😞

  • @StarBajt I was about to write that and I saw your post even before I start searching for existing topics.
    The same happen to me (obviously) and it also do the same while clicking buttons (in webpages not in Vivaldi's interface) which are like links anyway.
    All links on the top of this forum's page have this issue (Features, Download, News, Help, Community and About) and all their drop down items have this issue for example.
    To make it short, any buttons and links with selectable text are subject to this, so buttons like "Reply" (the button not the link) "Mark unread", "Watching" and "Sort by" don't encounter this issue, but their subcategories (link for "Reply" and "Watching", "Sort by" as they are selectable are subject to this.
    This is really sensitive to where the cursor is, sometime I clicked like 10 times over the same link/button without any issues, but at the right place it select the letter, I think on some buttons/links it might be more sensitive.
    For me this is especially apparent as I have two Extensions (I tried with those two disabled and the issue still occur) which show pop ups on highlighted text, they are Selection Popup and ImTranslator: Traducteur, Dictionnaire, Voix.

    Also there are some clickable items with selectable text which don't have this issue, an example would be the Chrome Web Store where the "Features" items and its "Clear" link are clickable and have selectable text but they don't have this issue.

  • @Gwen-Dragon I see the blue selected letters frequently. On the custom links page I made, they can stay selected for days, despite my clicking other links. Sometimes multiple different links on the same page can have blue letters stuck in them.

    I've assumed this was due to using an Apple Magic Mouse (with Apple's BootCamp driver) in Windows 10. It is constantly sending very sensitive "scroll wheel" input in response to any change in your finger position, and it is very hard to click and release without it sensing your finger has moved. It is also very sensitive to mouse movement, and if I right click and let it move at all, the popup menu disappears instantly before I can use it.

    I'd say the threshold for drag is too low - the sensitivity is too high - at least during mouse button pressed events. Maybe drag sensitivity could be reduced while a mouse button is down?

  • I'm facing this issue almost nonstop. It is super annoying.

  • @Gwen-Dragon @LorenAmelang The two of you think this is a sensitivity issue, but this isn't as it happen even when the mouse don't move, I tried with my mouse in the air and it still happen, I think it might more be related to the selection feature, when double clicking on a word select it all and triple clicking select the whole sentence, and the fact that links and buttons with selectable text have an action on a single click, it might select a single letter as an answer of a single click.
    As a counter argument to my theory, it really depend on where you put your cursor over the letter, which itself might depend on many factors (text size, font, type (link, button, sublist etc) etc, but this isn't about moving the cursor, for sure.

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    @Demongornot said in When clicking on link, one letter of text is selected.:

    but this isn't as it happen even when the mouse don't move, I tried with my mouse in the air and it still happen

    Oh! Yes, i tried and heer in forum navigation the click marks the first letter in navigation "Recent".
    Thanks for the hint with "mouse in the air" 👍
    That is a bug in Vivaldi.
    I will report that.

    Bug reported
    VB-56519: Vivaldi selects letter in link text after click (Unconfirmed)

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    @Gwen-Dragon Vivaldi has always been hypersensitive to micro-movement, highlighting things you only wanted to click on. Makes me a bit crazy. I figured it was fine-tuning that would be addressed some day, after major bugs are dealt with.

  • I have this problem since 2.7 with any link text.

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    @Ayespy @Gwen-Dragon Happens with my laptop trackpad also but for some reason doesn't bother me as much as it seems to bother others. I notice it but just move on.

  • Reported as VB-34877 almost 2 years ago (Vivaldi 1.94) and irritating since then.
    Can we count on increasing the priority? 🙄 🙏🏻

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    @Gregor I added a comment in bug. But if that helps? i do not know and have less influence on developers to fix it.

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