Reader mode and other user_file javascripts

  • Some days ago I saw that you can put js and css in the user_file folder and it will be added in the Page Actions. So I created some scripts that I think are useful and/or funny XD [ul] [li][b]Reader Mode[/b] I read that someone wants a reader mode. Here is a simple one. [li][b]Show Pass[/b][/li] Is better than go to the developers tools and change the input password to text [li][b]View Images[/b][/li] Just display only the images of the web [li][b]Screamer[/b][/li] Put this mode, and wait for anybody who want to use your computer :evil: [li][b]IE simulator[/b][/li] A realistic IE simulator 😛 [li][b]Minecraft[/b][/li] [li][b]Surprise[/b][/li] This two are part of the "funny" :lol: [/ul] [url=]Download the scripts[/url] [url=]See the scripts[/url] PD: The screamer activates when you move the mouse 3 seconds after you turn it on. It will be deactivated pressing the left Ctrl. Enjoy 🙂

  • Moderator

    That was a waste of time. Nice to know that it is possible ton configure page modes though.


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